New Section in the App Store: Cool Selfie Apps for the iPhone

Selfies make and send is fully in line with the trend: since the matching Selfie apps for editing and sending the self-portraits may not be missing. That has recognized now Apple and its app store added the category “Selfie Sharing” on March 14.

So far twelve applications where Snapchat may be the best known, Apple wants to satisfy the increased need for photo apps. Many of the applications are free, the price range for the paid apps between one to three euros. The number of available Selfie apps is likely to increase quickly in the face of high demand. We have picked out the most exciting applications from the current selection.

Facetune: Just Edit Selfies

With Facetune, you have the opportunity to alter self-portraits easily. A function to crop, for example, allows you to select a suitable image section. In addition, images can be brightened, if there was not enough light in the recording. Also the function to remove impurities of the skin or red eye button is handy. Also filters such as for example a blur can be placed over an image. You can record Selfies directly from within the app or download inside after scanning. Exports of processed images are possible to all major social networks.

Snapchat: Directly Share Photos

Snapchat is the most famous Selfie app, which is also free. Particularly practical: With the application you can set you, how long the sent photo or video for the addressee should be visible. The program also impresses with its simplicity: in-app snapshots can button be made and then labeled. After you have set the duration for the visibility, you can immediately send the image. The application came into criticism, because the pictures and videos but no longer to see after the set period about Snapchat; These are still on the device of the recipient.

Everyday: Make Every Day Portraits

With the Selfie app everyday, you can record every day to a picture of you cut together from it, for example, a video – for example like Noah. The application helps by a displayed grid for each photo is about to get the same perspective. In addition the image can appear in the background of the previous day, to facilitate the alignment of the Smartphone camera. The reminder is handy, so that you think about the self portrait every day. With the images, a video can be put together via a button in the application. It is possible to also send the photos via social networks.

Front Flash: Flash Light Replace

The idea behind front Flash is awesome: since neither iPhone nor iPad have a flash light on the front, the application converts the screen into an LED lighting system. Once the app is installed, a Flash symbol appears in the camera app of the iOS device. With this, the function can be used, so that your even in a dark environment can make Selfies. The display of the unit is provided for the moment of the recording to the maximum brightness level.

1 Second Everyday: Hold Brief Moments

The application 1 second everyday uses a similar principle of everyday. The difference: Instead of photos you take every day a second footage. These short snapshots can be stored in a calendar or spread through social networks. Cut along the short videos for example, an entire month is easily possible.

Front Back: Personal Moments

The free app front back combines the camera on front and back: so you can work with both cameras at the same time and both your own record and what you see, at the moment of the shooting. In this field, you can capture intimate moments in a unique way – and share on social networks with friends and acquaintances. There are no border and no filter options to edit the photos. The upper half of the screen is filled by the photo of the back camera, including to see the photo that has made the front camera of you at the same size.


Who wants to edit his Selfies to achieve the maximum efficiency or unattractive places to hide, for the Facetune is the first choice. Above all the clarity and simplicity characterize this Selfie app. For friends of long-term photo – or video tracks are everyday and 1 second everyday recommended. Front Flash is although not a complete substitute for a Flash, but still allows shooting in low light conditions. Front back create unique snapshots, which can be very personal. Who is aware that the self-destruct function of Snapchat is not working, has a useful tool also, to send Selfies to friends.