New Public Bicycles from Copenhagen Have Even Tablets

For Tourist Cyclists, You Can See Tips On Points Of Interest, Restaurants And Services On The Gadget

Copenhagen’s vocation for cycling seems endless. The novelty now of the Danish city – which has more bicycles (650,000) than inhabitants (550,000) and cars (125,000) – is a public electric bikes system with built-in tablets. Named GoBike, the project recently inaugurated its first 20 seasons.

The tablets, which have cables hidden in the handlebars to prevent theft and vandalism, have an onboard computer function. In them, the passenger can choose whether to use the bicycle in manual or electric function; Check the train and subway schedules; Reserve a second bicycle for another person; And calculate the fastest routes between destinations.

For cyclist-tourists, besides being possible to choose the function in English (more universal than the Danish), there are tips of points of interest, restaurants and services.

For the time being, there were no records of theft of tablets or bicycles, a problem that has been recurring here in Brazil.

By the end of the European summer, the city hopes to approve the expansion of the program, reaching 1,860 bicycles at the end of the year. The program is financed by the company that controls the trains of the country, Danske Statsbaner (DSB), and prefectures of Copenhagen And neighboring Frederiksberg. Monthly signature

The bikes are made of aluminum. The seat is adjusted with a gas pressure system and, once the seat is adjusted, the handlebar adjusts automatically to ensure ergonomics. The tires are rupture proof and last up to 15,000 kilometers. The rent for the bicycle comes for 25 Danish crowns (almost $ 10) per hour.

In the case of the monthly subscription, the value drops to 6 kronor or R $ 2.45. Andreas Røhl, who coordinates Mobility and Urban Space management, stated that bicycles are aimed at non-residents: tourists and suburban residents, who Do not take their bikes on the journey to Copenhagen. Hence the importance of connecting with the trains.