New Bivouac Solutions of Carinthia

The Carinthian sleeping bag specialist CARINTHIA developed not only high quality sleeping bags, which give a warm night the sleeping, but offers three high-tech protective covers for sleeper in the bag’s, which guarantees dry keep at a planned or unplanned bivouac : the expedition cover Gore, the bivy tent tour and the X-tour protector are waterproof and breathable Gore-Tex-TEX® arid Lite air produced.

Whether for a planned bivouac in the wall or emergency: A bivy bag should be missing on any challenging mountain tour. But who ever stayed in a bivouac sack, also knows the typical disadvantages: much condensation and thus little comfort! Not so with the bivouac sacks and-zelten of CARINTHIA. Because the Austrian sleeping bag specialist sews them Lite air Gore-Tex arid. This three layer laminate is extremely breathable and unlike Gore-Tex materials used for clothing – air permeable. All of CARINTHIAbivy sacks can be connected therefore completely (!), without you would have to have fear to stifle. You offer so absolute weather protection coupled with comfort – also when out blowing a merciless rain storm. The three models cover all requirements with their concepts:

  1. The expedition cover is equipped with handy zip in zip system and can with Carinhtia sleeping bags are connected. Thus, the pure and out hatched remains just as comfortable as without bivy bag. Areas of application: Alpinism, backup for bike – and ski tours, wilderness trekking, etc.
  2. The bivy tent tour is an advanced bivy bag, which through its linkage arch offers more space on the head and keeps the face free. He can be closed completely (!) and offers absolute protection against wind and weather.
    Applications: Extreme minimal tours (bike, ski, trekking), Wildlife observation, hunting, etc.
  3. The X-Tour Protector is already a serious alternative to a real one man tent! There is although lighter mini tents, but hardly more robust and even cooking no which offer similar climate comfort. Is the X-tour protector without pegs with its two poles arches above the head area and offers a small “roof of rain” backwards, i.e. also with open input (with mosquito net), it’s not raining in.
    Areas of use: minimal tours during extreme weather conditions, Wildlife observation, hunting, photography, etc.


  • Material shell: GORE-TEX® arid Lite air (> 10,000 mm water column)
  • Material base: PUR coated polyamide fabric (> 6,000 mm water column)
  • Color: Olive green
  • Other: made in Europe

Expedition cover Gore
Zip in zip system, covered side Zipper, drawstring hood weight 600 g, size 230 x 90 cm, pack size 32 cm x 10 cm, Price 189 Euro

Bivy tent tour
Linkage bow made of high-strength aluminium alloy 7075 F51, fully lockable weight 1000 g, size 250 x 76 x 40 cm, pack of 35 x 10 cm, Sale price 289 Euro

X-tour protector
Two rods bows out of high-strength aluminium alloy 7075 F51, RV window to the rear, fully lockable, mitMoskitonetz, access to the front with covered zip, covered side Zipper weight 1450 g, size 240 x 75 x 60 cm, pack of 35 x 12 cm, Sale price 319 EUR

Personally I have never stayed in a bivouac, where I but badly restricted Imagine sleeping comfort. Also, the space is also very poor. Where is the baggage when it rains because time? The X-tour protector Yes also weighs much more than a good 1-persontent and offers less space as such.

How do you sleep tour usually on (trekking)? In the tent, under the tarp, in the bivouac, or in a cabin?