Nest Launches Program for Developers to Make Smarter Homes

Manufacturer Nest want to do what nobody has accomplished: do our much smarter homes. And that is why, under the umbrella of Google, have launched their Developer program, so that different devices and appliances to communicate with each other and with us.

With developer program want to extend the functionality of Nest products, create new forms of interaction with other devices that we use every day that our home may learn better habits and new experiences to be comfortable and secure at home. Nest wants to communicate with things like lights, appliances, fitness or cars bracelets.

The Nest Developer Program currently it is only available for manufacturers, and companies such as LIFX, Mercedes-Benz, Whirlpool and Jawbone have already begun with the integration of some of their products in thermostat and Nest smoke detector. For example, LIFX bulbs could notify us with a flashing red light smoke or go by turning on lights in house when we travel so it seems that there are people at home, thermostat Jawbone bracelet can tell when we’re going to wake up to get the House to the perfect temperature, or the car reminded that time will go.