Naomi Campbell “Be Home” with Gaultier for His Fashion Show

Designer Jean Paul Gaultier He has presented in the halls of his own shop in the rue Saint-Martin in Paris his Haute Couture collection for spring-summer of 2015. When last September announced that it bid farewell to the ready-to-wear to devote himself body and soul to perfumes and Haute Couture, it inevitably attracted all eyes towards your next parade. Reason for that has tried that you are not missing anything: urban spirit, nature and brides, but not as conventional.

In front of an audience of celebrities and collectors – among which included Catherine Deneuve, Dita Von Teese, Noémie Lenoir and Conchita Wurst-, the designer returned to cause sensation. They were many looks in black and white, but also coffee shades, bronze, ivory, degraded, and also touches of color such as red, pink or green flashy. The animal print Python was also very present, only in a version dyed red and dotted with jade and rubies.

The designer had fun playing with symmetry as much in the courts as in fabrics or colors. The result: the classic black tailleur straight on one side, and voluminous on the other, by the grace of a kind of overskirt that came out of the jacket at waist height, and which covered the tube skirt to try to compensate for that side of the jacket that was transparent sleeve.

Precious the LBD’s square shoulders, sleeves above the elbow, tight at the waist and pencil skirt that the models wore over a shirt in muslin transparent game with a long scarf that is covering the head and neck and let fall back in the manner of Isadora Ducán. For compeltar the set, the model wore classic Parisian beret that arrived in Paris from of the valleys of the Pyrenees and is popularised in Montmartre.

Curious those other dresses, asymmetric, performed on one side in black satin v-neck sleeveless and box and, on the other, with a transparent fabric in black on which it had sewn black satin of different thickness mode of nervures. Yes, these appliques in the form of crushed lace which are forming arabesques unless you cut is made whatsoever, so that, if we throw it, we will come back to find us in the hand with a single cord.

Attracted much attention a bride dressed in pants, crepe ivory with long flight that had become a sort of part of on top of a satin Pajama just had this tail and conformed to the waist with a belt, or that another with a costume dress half half mini short wearing a headdress with rollers forming a cone. Gaultier pure!

The looks were all urban flair. The CAP, in its most chic version, was also very present with a floral print that the models wore on the runway a little lined, combining them with Black Lace lining color nude pants game vest from mesh black with floral applique in different size, and black pinstriped gloves made in organza transparent.

You could also see a spectacular costume consisting of several layers of tulle is holding to the chest with a few straps as the monkeys of labour, and that move recreated a optical effect very curious since it reproduced the appearance of worn denim, and that the model wore covering his face with a mask of beekeeper.

The parade ended with one fantastic vision Naomi Campbell dressed in a body made with leaves and white Orchid covered with a transparent plastic which revealed infarction of the goddess of ebony legs.

The truth is that with the parades of Gaultier one does not get bored never. His vision of the wedding is unique, theatrical, amusing, because how well said the designer at the end of the parade “there are many different types of weddings, for all ages, and the times that you want”.

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