Multi Window Comes to Android M Although It Is an Experimental Feature, at The Moment

Maybe the presentation of Android M to focus on six points but beyond of these developers who are already testing this version have discovered a lot of new features that were not presented as such. One of the most interesting? The multi-view of natively. Without that no manufacturer insert additional software.

At XDA have discovered that in Android M can access this function. Is very hidden because We must get permits root or a custom recovery but with a little Mana can be activated and try it though when activate you the own Google tells us: it is very experimental and may not work correctly, for now.

A highly anticipated but very hidden way

If you remember Android in 2012, there Samsung introduced in the Galaxy Note 2 a mode of two windows that was later used by other manufacturers. To date had not become officially the operating system and it seems that you finally we, although it does not seems to be something definitive.

The function is very simple and allows that same, have two applications open at the same time. Probably, according to updates from the developer preview will appear but having this natively would be very interesting, especially on big screens as the tablet devices.

If you are trying to use Android M these days, at XDA have instructions to do so. Is not complex to activate but It is possible that you find with some other compatibility issue. When you have activated, you’ll only have to open the multitasking and you will see that it has appeared to you a new button to select how to open two applications at the same time.

Be as hidden is no coincidence: Google probably do not want to give much Court yet and will be a function more of when Android M is final.


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Update Galaxy S5 Mini to Android 6.0 Marshmallow CM13 ROM