MP15 Stillus JC35 with TV and Wi-Fi

The Stillus JC35 MP15 is very reminiscent of the Stillus 4G MP20, but it has no GPS and in addition to the black and white colors, red color is also available for this model.

Like the Stillus 4G there are two 3MP cameras, space for 2 chips in simultaneous operation , Wi-Fi connection, analog TV, FM radio and also “Shake Control” function to change music by shaking the device.

MP15 Stillus JC35

In addition, the Stillus JC35 MP15 has stereo bluetooth and allows reading of text files. The screen is 3 inches, touch sensitive and perfect for watching videos in MP4 format that can be played by the device.

The Stillus JC35 MP15 also allows connection to the internet via WAP and GPRS. It weighs only 100 grams and the battery life is up to 5 hours in conversation.

See a photo of the MP15 Stillus JC35 white . Note that only the back of the device is white. The front is always black!

Is it worth to buy this cell phone?

The xing ling brands are shot in the dark. Although the past few years have been generous, and presented us with excellent Chinese brands, such as Huawei, xing ling brands, of questionable quality, still gain market share.

Anyway, the MP15 Stillus JC35 is a good option, especially if you do not need a GPS-enabled phone to enjoy and enjoy non-traditional phones. But it is always good to remember that you may be getting a cell phone not so good, as the quality of xing lings varies greatly from one device to another.

Do you have or have you ever had a phone like this? Give your opinion on it!