Mozilla Partners with Samsung to Create New Rendering Engine Servo

It was not just Google that decided to go in a different direction with Chrome. Just before the company announced the change of the Webkit engine in Chrome to your newly created Blink, Mozilla announced a partnership with Samsung to develop something. The companies created a new rendering engine especially for Androids.

The engine is called Servo and was created based on the programming language Rust, also developed by the duo of companies together with several developers. The language is in development for several years and its main asset, according to Mozilla, is security: to be ‘secure by default’, the company says “memory management errors that can lead to vulnerabilities or crashes are preventable.” Moreover, Rust was also designed to take full advantage of the hardware’s potential for new phones, which are becoming increasingly powerful. Specifically those with ARM architecture processors.

Despite the announcement mention that the Servant will be implemented in Android devices, nothing prevents the engine is implemented in the browser Firefox. Currently in its version 20, it still uses an engine called Gecko.

Interestingly, the post’s official blog in announcing the new engine, Mozilla Firefox even mention the name. The browser already has a version for Android for some time and it would be natural that the servant was integrated in it. But nothing prevents the Samsung to implement the engine in your own browser and let the Firefox side.

Either way, Google will not like a lot of change. But as the giant web is focusing on developing Chrome (current standard Android browser), Samsung had no choice but to adopt a newer browser or create your own. And how would a certain CEO, you do not get to 500 million friends (or, in this case, handsets sold) without making a few enemies.