Motorola Connect, Assist and Connect Will Be Withdrawn by the End of November

We saw at the beginning of last month as Motorola has decided to lower the curtain on three services for their smartphone, especially Bike Assist, Connect and the migration app data, in conjunction with the upgrade to Marshmallow (which as you know is begun by a few days). A lack that device owners don’t feel all that much, considering that the main functions of the two apps have been incorporated within the new release of Android.

It seems that even Connect is at least being resizing, at least with regard to theextension for Chrome on desktop computers; in the last few hours are multiplying reports of users who receive a message similar to this:

The Motorola Connect Chrome Extension will be retired in November 2015. Alternate solutions, and Google Play that consumers have found useful include MightyText and Pushbullet.

A brief but eloquent message, namely that the Chrome extension of Motorola Connect0 will be retired by the end of this month. The extension allows (allowed) to receive incoming call notifications on your computer, SMS and so on, and possibly respond (in the case of SMS). It is hard to blame to Motorola when it suggests Pushbullet, since this is a phenomenal software that does all these things and much more, so we queued at its tip.

At the moment it looks like the other components of the Connect service will remain where they are, and it will be removed only the Chrome extension. Have any of you used it or were you already Pushbullet loyalists?