Moto 360, Analysis after One Month of Use

We had already analyzed it and talked about it long and wide, but now it was the test that is usually final: to evaluate the operation of the Moto 360 after a month of use.

The smart clock that set the tone in 2014 has been improved thanks to various firmware updates and the introduction of design options such as metal belts, but… is it really worth it?

It is what we have tried to find out after these weeks in which we have verified if the promises of the Moto 360 are fulfilled. One thing is clear: thanks to smart watches it is possible to lower the phone out of the pocket. In certain contexts it is very aggressive to make the gesture of removing the cell phone, stop paying attention to our interlocutor and focus on the phone. And that is one of the facets that we liked a smart watch that has made us rethink the fact that with the mobile no longer needed to carry a watch according to theeliteswatches.

Design Remains Outstanding

In design we highlight that great finish of the Moto 360, which this time we tested with metal strap, something that gives an additional point in this section. Circular shape may not be ideal when it comes to maximizing the information shown-we came from a world of square and rectangular screens, it’s clear-but the result is excellent, although it is perhaps still a bit bulky for the female audience. After a month of use, of course, it is clear that the Moto 360 is, at least in design, above its competitors.

One of the first clear examples of the good performance of the Moto 360 we have to use it as what it is based on: a watch. The wrist twist works very well, and the screen is immediately activated when making that gesture. Other smartwatch are bad clocks in the sense that when they turn the wrist they do not show the time: in them there is a high failure rate (they can, we suppose, save all the possible battery), but in the Moto 360 that gesture is detected perfectly.

Where we have found some perks is in voice recognition: although it did work properly when replying to messages, we did not just make the famous “Ok, Google” acceptable in our experience these weeks. A pity, because precisely taking quick notes associating this function with applications like Google Keep on the smartphone is one of those things that many users would surely see very well.

Android Wear Remains Green, But The Moto 360 Improves Every Day

If we talk about autonomy, it should be noted that in our original analysis wealready commented that the Moto 360 suffered to reach the end of the day. With the latest versions of Android Wear and the firmware of the Moto 360 we can endure a day and a half without problems. It creates another need to load another device, but in that section there have been clear improvements over the initial editions of the software.

The charging cradle is elegant and well-designed, the charging is quick-thanks in part to the fact that the battery of these devices is not very large-but we will always have to remember that we have to have an extra charger in travel and Displacements. It is a shame because the design of the Moto 360 is very well resolved, without MicroUSB inputs that would enable the direct load but that do allow a more sealed design, but as usual, you have to make sacrifices in one direction or the other.

Android Wear is definitely improving: one of the latest updates allows us to manage other Bluetooth devices from the phone itself, and the ability to use Google Maps from the clock without removing the mobile is also a very important added point in our particular experience . The same happens with other issues such as the control of multimedia playback from the clock, which is another example of practical utility and ambition for not having to take the smartphone out of pocket. It can also help us in sections such as quantification – pulse, steps -, but here these devices pale to specialists in this field like Jawbone or Fitbit.


In a purely rational sense we would say that after a month of use Android Wear is green, and the value it brings is still short. It should improve on the voice interface to be more useful, for example, but at the moment it is not something that is differential. The Moto 360, however, is a particularly round product-like its sphere-in other facets such as its design or that improvement in the battery that is already very decent after the latest updates.

We had even forgotten about that little strip of the underside of the sphere that breaks with a screen design that would occupy all that surface: it is not a factor that is really worrying. Subjectively, however, the Moto 360 is a product with intangibles that they like a lot, and stay tuned, because throughout the year will go down in price and will become an even more attractive device in that aspect.