Mombasa Travel Guide

Mombasa surprises as a beach destination.

Located in Kenya, the sunny sandy beaches of Mombasa are a destination where you can spice up your beach holiday on a safari for a few days, for example.

Finns have become familiar with Mombasa, for example, from the hit song. It’s easy to see why this Kenyan sunny resort has inspired songwriters. The city and the surrounding Mombasa coast offer opportunities for a wide range of holidays.


Sunny beach resort in Africa

The city of Mombasa is located in southeastern Kenya on the shores of the Indian Ocean. It is the second largest city in the country with about one million inhabitants. Mombasa is located about 500 kilometers from the Kenyan capital Nairobi.

The Mombasa settlement center is about a thousand years old. Throughout history, the bustling trading city has belonged to Arabs, Portuguese and Britons alike. Cultural diversity is still visible.

The city of Mombasa is located on its own island, connected to the mainland by the Nyali Bridge and ferry connections. Popular beach destinations include Diani Beach on the south coast of the mainland and Nyali and Shanzu on the north coast.

In Kenya, especially those who dream of a sunny beach holiday and cultural bath enjoy themselves. For those traveling with very young children, Mombasa is not the best possible holiday destination due to, among other things, the risk of malaria.

The climate of Mombasa

The tropical climate of Mombasa is hot and humid. During the day you enjoy the sun and the heat. The nights are also warm. The average daily temperatures rise to around 30 degrees throughout the year. The hottest and driest is from December to March. There are two rainy seasons, the first in April-May and the second in October-November.

The climate of Mombasa

Stunning coastal destinations

Mombasa is famous for its long, white sandy beaches – and for good reason. The beaches are beautiful natural beaches, close to which is also a marine national park.

Numerous residential and hotel areas have emerged around the beaches. The most popular and developed resort on the Mombasa coast is Diani Beach on the south coast. In addition to the palm-lined beaches, Diani Beach has all the services a traveler needs, top hotels and shopping.

There are also fine sandy beaches one after the other north of Mombasa. Popular include Nyali, Bamburi and Shanzu. Also worth mentioning is the Bofa beach near the village of Kifil, considered one of the best in Kenya.

Swimwear, a private parasol and a seating base may be a necessity for sun worshipers, as some of Mombasa’s coral-sandy beaches may have limited services. The beaches are also occasionally rich in seaweed.

A holidaymaker looking for activities can go scuba diving and fishing, for example. The best snorkeling spots can be found in the feel of Wasin Island. There are also two golf courses and two golf clubs in Mombasa and its coast.

Cultural life in Mombasa

The city of Mombasa is also an unmissable destination for those tourists who spend most of their holidays in one of the coastal holiday villages. Every culture that has influenced the city has left its mark, so in Mombasa you can feel the influences of Africans, Arabs and Europeans alike.

The layers of cultures are particularly prominent in the old town, where Arab influences are most evident. The old town is located on the eastern edge of Mombasa, where its narrow streets are adorned with sculptural wooden doors and beautiful buildings. The oldest buildings in the area date from the 18th century.

The Old Town is also home to the 16th-century Fort Jesus Fortress with its museums. The fort is the most popular tourist destination in the city.

Trade massages and evenings

Traditional crafts are a good gift for a Mombasa holiday and the price can always be negotiated with avid merchants. From stalls and shops you can buy, for example, hand-woven baskets, beautiful jewelry, wooden sculptures, and clothes and accessories to bring home.

There are also good shopping opportunities on Moi Avenue, where you can also admire scuba diving sculptures stretching across the street, as well as along Nyerere Street. Shopping malls can also be found at Diani Beach.

The best opportunities for spending the evening can be found in the holiday villages. Especially in the villages on the north coast, the nightlife is lively on the weekends. Nightclubs can be found in connection with the hotel and in the immediate vicinity. In addition to nightclubs and bars, the evening can also be spent in the casinos.

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