Microsoft Would Be Nearly Lose Some Money Earned Android Patents

Although it sounds weird to many, Microsoft It is one of the biggest winners in regards to Android, despite being in direct competition with your Windows Phone, which gradually begins to take market, worse far from the figures that drive the operating system. This is thanks to a struggle in which gain their lawyers due to patents that has.

Several patents make that they charge of almost all manufacturers using Android for its terminals, saving some exceptions. There is still no official figures by the company, is estimated at lathe to the 2,000 million dollars, a figure that could drop dramatically when the judges to remove them the reason.

Judges are not very according to a patent relating to the file system FAT, in particular that relating to the use of common namespaces for short and long files. The judges believe that the patent does not meet the conditions of the legislation of the year 2000, despite have been used at the time against the Linux kernel.

This measure would be effective for terminals that are sold in Europe by the various laws of the European Union. Microsoft could lose some remarkable of the canon imposed by manufacturers, but still is a time of appeal, because it is a patent that you should him much in his long list to take advantage of the victory of its competitor.