Microsoft and Yahoo Combined Hold 30% of Searches in the US

The firm comScore metrics presented this week the numbers of sites search in the market US. In general, we have a stable scenario in which Google remains absolute reign, although competition from two major companies to do this. Yes, Bing Microsoft and Yahoo account for 30% of searches made ​​in Uncle Sam’s land.

Data for December 2011 show Google with 65.9% of searches, 0.5 percentage point growth compared to the previous month. Microsoft’s Internet properties account for 15.1% (insignificant increase of 0.1 pp) and Yahoo properties account for 14.5% of searches (down 0.6 pp). Adding gives 29.6% for Microhoo.

We still have the network with 2.9% (no change) and AOL with 1.6% (also unchanged compared to November).

These figures are part of the index “Explicit Core Search Report“, one of several that comScore offers. The company uses sampling and disregards searches done without the user had intended to interact with the search results.

The little fluctuation in December, compared with the previous month, may serve as a harbinger of how the search market will behave going forward. Google first, but with the combination of Microsoft and Yahoo a fair second position to a third of all searches. Had the market stabilized?

Here in Brazil we still have not comScore data to search in December. In November Google held 90.6%, setting a real hegemony, while MercadoLibre sites appears with 2% and Microsoft with 1.3%. And the trend is to remain so until Microsoft offers a more complete Bing, with several artificial intelligence resources, as there is in the United States.

This week the same United States is a controversial – in my view unnecessary – on the integration of Google search pages and with people present on the social network Google+. Vi technology site author even suggesting that users adopt Bing as default browser search engine to not support anticompetitive practices of Google. Does the measure takes effect on the market share of Microsoft?

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