Metallised Pleated Skirt:How to Create An Amazing Production with the Play

Who likes a look with a classic touch, probably is a fan of pleated skirt, since it is a piece of extremely elegant and that brings this production footprint. Now, how about a more modern for this piece and create a stylish look and at the same time, stripped and current? The metallic is the solution!

The metallised pleated skirt is one of those unique pieces to have in the wardrobe based on HeartAttackSkirts. She is not a piece hard to match, although the tone because mixing metal with other colors and textures create a modern look. The big deal in time to think the production’s balance in the choice of parts. The skirt is striking so whatever track can be more discreet, but need not necessarily be neutral.


It’s not because the look is about to have a metallic piece that he cannot have other colors. The pieces that will complement the visual can be colored, both to neutral tones, as for brighter colors and this will give a touch more relaxed for the visual, just be careful not to weigh the production. Sometimes, a good way to give more color through accessories. So you can invest in neutral colors in clothing, ensuring a correct look, but bet on other shades in handbags, necklaces, earrings and other options, such as scarves and even hats.

In winter

Wear a skirt in the winter is no nonsense, after all, options to leave the look warm. In the case of the pleated skirt, pantyhose that goes better with the piece is that it is in the tone of the skin, since compliance with the leave passes the knee. At the top, sweatshirts and blouses closed are good options, as well as jackets and scarves for the colder days. On foot, the skirt combines with closed shoes, is tennis or boot, the choice will depend on the rest of the visual. The look of cold with this skirt can have a more informal footprint and mixing styles, or follow a more formal and discreet line, everything depends on you.


It is strange to think that a pleated skirt and metalized for being versatile, right? But this piece is that the classic model and the most modern tissue give her a range of options in time to match. The mixture of different parts and different styles is a continuous trend of fashion and this also causes put together a look amazing with this skirt is easier. Simply invest in creativity and get a visual to go with you!


Modern Nouveau Spring 2012 by Fallene wells —Kickstarter

Modern Nouveau Spring 2012 by Fallene wells —Kickstarter