Men & Bags – Of Convenience Rather Than Love Affair

Men and bags, that is a convenience rather than a love affair in this country. The Gentleman Blog interview with pockets expert Matthijs Tielman on prejudices about man purse, the perfect bag for the gentleman look and differences in the buying behavior of men and women.

Bright Tielman, men and bags, it fits together?

In fact, this is a somewhat strange relationship. Almost everyone uses bags, but the least care. Usually one or two bags, which are acceptable in all situations meet them. But what comes out: combine a sporty bag, with a formal outfit.

What is the prejudice of the “man purse” to?

Many men think something feminine or Metro-sexual adheres to men with bags. I believe these men are just too uncertain to buy a bag and hide rather behind the cliché. In Asia it is different: there, men have just as many different bags as well as women.

What is the solution?

I believe that only the correct bags must be reported the undecided in the right combination. For this reason, I founded UNDSCVRD to show how many wonderful ways to combine bags for every style.

What do you men when choosing a bag?

A bag has similar status like shoes and belts for the appearance. I guess men having at least two bags – one black and a brown. Thus, you have a safe basis. But for those who like it the secure Variant? Experiment you! Only in this way, new trends may arise.

Which bag needed a man for what occasions?

The three most important events are work, excursion and holiday travel. Every man needs a practical, simple bag for daily routes. For a short trip, you need more space, but at the same time you will not struggle with a massive suitcases. A smart bag is the best solution here. I myself use the QWSTION for weekend getaways. For longer trips, man needs two things: A good case and a comfortable, “small” bag as hand luggage.

Which bag best suited to the classic gentleman look?

I highly recommend the classic leather Briefcase. The bag should be the color of the shoes and the belt . If you prefer something more unusual, should opt for a combination of leather and canvas. Shoulder bags made of leather can be combined wonderfully with a suit, but only a few men dare that so far.

To what extent the buying behavior differs from men and women with bags?

Men pay attention to practical aspects, while women are more led by the outward appearance. If a man buys a bag, he opts for the one, which he can use in most situations. Then he pays attention to appearance. Why do we see so many men with horrible polyester laptop bags? Men also pay attention above all on the quality. They buy a bag only a couple of times in life, therefore it must keep long.

What distinguishes a high quality bag?

Usually immediately evident the quality and gives me a feel for the product. Still, there are three crucial factors: material selection, zipper and buckles as well as details and finish. There are so many counters, since I could talk for hours about it.

We are all ears.

The material determines largely the price. For example, there is leather in the different quality levels. This one should opt for full leather, so real leather hides and not as polished or artificially coated leather. Also it should be ideally for ecological reasons to vegetable-tanned leather. And then there are there zippers and buckles. These are claimed every day and are the first that have flaws. In short – is metal plastic. The perfection of a bag is in the details. The bag has rough edges or as a nice finish? The seams are well processed or hang out loose threads? Especially inside the bag, which is a good indicator.

Give us finally please care tips for bags.

It depends on the material. Leather requires attention about once per year. A leather care is necessary for water resistance and suppleness. There is, however, special cleaning products for stains on the Pocket. Yet it should not be forgotten leather is like a good wine: it is getting better, it is older and the more often you wear it. Therefore you should worry not too large to smaller smudges and scratches. Linen is more difficult to maintain. You should brush first dry it, without the use of water. If this procedure does not, special products to help. Before you treat the entire bag, you should test the cleaning products and its effect on a small area. Wax must be replaced regularly. Nylon/polyester is easier to clean. Most stains wash off with a simple SOAP and some water. Find more tips on how to care your bag, please visit

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