Meizu Band: Follow His Daily Activities Without Breaking

Today, those who simply want to follow their daily activities are looking for a product that is not a gas plant. Between the smart watches that are sometimes complicated to use and bracelets too full or too expensive, there are alternatives that could well seduce lambda users. Chinese Meizu, best known for its mobile phones, has just launched his first activity tracker, Meizu Band. It is complete, a priori easy to use, and especially economic.

The Chinese Smartphone manufacturer Meizu embarks on the wearable market with a strap connected activity tracker, named Meizu Band. With this bracelet rather sober and comprehensive, the group comes compete directly with its field Fitbit, Garmin, or even the company Xiaomi with his mid Band 2 which is all the rage in the Chinese market. Just like the latter, the Meizu Band is a low-cost product but it seems that he has nothing to envy to other entry level products according to

Meizu Band: a Complete Connected Bracelet For Less Than 40 Bucks

Currently the market leader in wearable, Fitbit is however in trouble with Chinese manufacturers who are beginning to offer products similar to those marketed by the American company, at much more affordable prices. Meizu has also launched the Meizu Band. The bracelet is sober, black, and equipped with an OLED display consisting of a touchscreen part, which blends perfectly into the bracelet when turned off. This screen will display the time and various essential so that the wearer can follow his daily activities information.

Thus, at any time the user of the Band can check the number of steps driven or even the calories it will have spent. A heart sensor is also in part, hidden in the inner part of the device. Athletes will be able to track their heart rate during exercise. In addition, like most devices of this type, the bracelet is equipped with features to allow its user to analyze the quality of his sleep. A silent alarm is also customizable. Furthermore, Meizu tracker will encourage the wearer to stand if it detects that it’s been sitting for too long.

An In-house Application

With Bluetooth, the Meizu Band can communicate with its user’s smartphone. If you receive a call or a text message, among other things, the bracelet will display notifications. It will even find his camera if has lost it in the House, for example. Para also certified IP67, the bracelet is waterproof.

Meizu is also available to users of its activity a mobile app, compatible Android and iOStracker, enabling them to obtain detailed information on their activities of the day. The manufacturer Chinese promises a battery life of 7 days, which is rather interesting. The bracelet comes with a magnetic charger that comes in the form of a rod. When connected to a power outlet, just ask the top device so that the battery is charging.

Meizu Band is available in China at the rate of 229 Yuan, or about $ 33.