Medion Erazer P7644: Aldis Gaming Notebook In The Test

Test conclusion: what you should know

Clear the Hannah P7644 is a bargain not 899 euro for a gaming notebook of this class are but fair. Especially as to the very well-equipped Aldi South model in the test made no major weaknesses: the tempo is high, the quality of the image also. Also, is it quiet even under full load and remains pleasantly cool at the bottom. Per very high labour and game speed good image quality (932 GB) HDD and SSD (238 GB) Wi-Fi ac and Bluetooth 4.0 low operating noise contra something tight battery life weight a few expansion options mark of the editorial 2.12 well all gifts together? If not: Aldi Süd provides five days before Christmas the Medion erazer P7644 in the shelves. The Windows-10 device for 899 euros on paper as a gaming laptop goes through with large 17-inch display, new Skylake processor and Maxwell graphics chip. Whether it is a pleasure not only on the gift table, but also gambling, clarifies the test.

Video on the subject

Much hardware inside fancy but enough for elaborate games? Our site has tested the new Aldi gaming notebook. Medion erazer P7644 test: fleet flounder or lame duck?

Discreetly and without bling-bling

Visually that occurs simply comparatively slight Hannah P7644 2.54 kg, without the usual gaming notebooks bling-bling. Also lifted the Medion looks more like a good working tool for pencil pushers. The right-to-use keyboard and the comparatively large touchpad stuck in a simple case, the full-HD screen renders sharp pictures and of course games with 1920 x 1080 pixels. The minimal pale colors go to the account of the anti-reflective display. So it loses something of brilliance, not bugs but with reflections.

Medion erazer P7644: product and detail photos

See 14 product and detail photos Medion erazer P7644

Middle-class GPU, fleet SSD

Also the inner values are: serves as main drive Skylake processor Intel Core i7 6500U, which can be accessed on 8 gigabyte memory. The replay takes over NVIDIA’s geforce GTX 950 M Maxwell chip not the strongest model, but at least a middle class graphics processor. Gamers save games on the fast SSD (type: Phison 256 GB PS3110 S10C; 238 gigabytes) or on the 932-gigabyte hard drive (type: Toshiba MQ01ABD100).

High speed

The combination of fast processor, potent graphics chip and nimble SSD was consistently very high pace of work in the test. In gambling, the Medion struck considerably: liquid self with an average 43 frames per second current hits such as Star Wars Battlefront brought it to the screen.

Reading without fan hullabaloo

The battery was empty after less than three hours, but that is OK for a gamer laptop. Class: The Medion was at gambling with 1 sone surprisingly quiet. And even after two hours of hard work it remained comfortable with 17.1 degree on the underside cool.

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Little expansion possibilities

Typical of a notebook: the Medion offers few expansion options. The RAM can be with a further module 16 gigabyte replenish it so it was but. The MEDION has a further slot for an additional hard drive or a slot for a second SSD.

Many connections

The erazer offers abundant connections: two USB 2.0 ports, USB-3.0 – and HDMI port, USB-C and VGA connector, networking. The network is for fast Wi-Fi ac standard, connect wireless speakers, Bluetooth 4.0. A DVD burner that can read all common silver discs and write with the exception of Blu-ray is as standard in it.

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