Mascara-A Fanfare For Beautiful Eyelashes

Actually, the fine hairs around the eye as a kind of protection measures designed against dust, dirt and light. 

They are much more psychologically but. How dare us Bambi at the keyword? Right: silky and extra long lashes with breathtaking momentum-who don’t want! But even without eyelashes extensions (hardly a celebrity woman goes without!), you can conjure up dream lashes himself.

So Conjure Long Dream Lashes

How it works: before the ink is first styled – and with an eyelash curler. This ensures that even straight hairs get a really nice swing.The open clamp tightly put at the top of the eyelash, the WIM representatives are then between the soft silicone poster and the upper bracket and gently close. Count slowly to 20 and reopen the pliers. I admit, it costs a little bit overcome, works promised with a little practice but easily-even when eyes sensitive soul! The result is even more intense when a heated Eyelash curler. Very important: Never the mascara eyelashes turn, because they easily break off.

After The Sweep Of The Right Eyelash Colour Comes

Then comes the color in the game. I personally prefer black, although many makeup artists with flaxen hair, and blue eyes rather recommend dark brown because it will look more natural. So not to much oxygen in the case comes, which dries out the ink and clump, pump I color recording with the brush, but prefer slightly turning out of the sleeve. I also paint off the brush on a Kleenex to avoid that too much ink on the eyelashes. I wear mascara with slight zigzag movements. With his movement the ink is distributed quite evenly, as EHealthFacts says.

The Friendship Stop At Mascara

Principle applies to mascara: don’t borrow! In the moist texture germs can settle that easily. Therefore, you should replace it after 6 months against a new. For removing make-up, I put on the soft technology: I put the cotton pad soaked with Remover liquid on the closed lid, press it briefly at (8 count) to and wipe gently from the approach to the peak. Do not scratch or rub, because the delicate skin of the eyelids is extremely thin and is easily wrinkled. Just as bad: with mascara eyelashes go to sleep, because they become brittle due to the friction of the pillows.

(K) A Little Bit Of Luxury: Balm For The Claimed Lashes

A special balm is my daily bedtime sweets for eyelashes. Finally they are pretty strained by everyday bending and shading, since care is not a luxury. With plant extracts and Lipo Somes, the balm with brush applicator ensures that the lashes stay beautifully supple and grow strongly after.