Market Research: Acrylic Chairs, Futons and Wall Clocks

Decorate your home with modern and stylish objects. Choose the model that suits you the most

Bet on modern and stylish objects. Your house will look beautiful
Photo: Carlos Cubi.

Are you thinking of changing the decor of your home? Be aware that some bold objects such as an acrylic chair, a futon and a wall clock are able to completely revamp the environment. Best of all is that you can find similar-priced parts on the market. Just choose the version that suits you the most. Check out our tips:

Market Research Acrylic Chairs, Futons and Wall Clocks 1

Market Research Acrylic Chairs, Futons and Wall Clocks 2

Market Research Acrylic Chairs, Futons and Wall Clocks 3

Acrylic chairs leave the dining table informal and super-versatile. If you prefer, use only one chair to compose the decoration of the office or the viewing room.
Photo: Carlos Cubi

  1. Polycarbonate chair in This is Brazil, R $ 588.
  2. Injected polycarbonate chair, in A Lot Of., R $ 1,100.
  3. Crystal acrylic chair in Maria Jovem , R $ 1,300.

In addition to being beautiful, the futons are super comfortable. Spread a few different models across the room. Your family will love it
Photo: Carlos Cubi

  1. Cotton Futon, at Warehouse , $ 15 each.
  2. Polyester Futon, in Til Space , $ 96 each.
  3. Futon of silk xantungue, in the Futon Company , $ 150 each.

Wall clocks are classic and sophisticated objects. Choose a round and large model to decorate your kitchen
Photo: Carlos Cubi

  1. Chromed resin watch, in Originalle , R $ 129.
  2. Brushed steel watch, in Art Mix, R $ 329,90.
  3. Chromed resin watch, in Designn Maniaa , R $ 82.

* Prices searched in December 2010. It is recommended to contact the stores before to confirm the values.