Make Up Tricks, Younger Make Ideal Make Up – Not Only For Women 50 +

As we get older, there’s the more nagging points before the mirror, right? Of course, we let it spoil us not our good mood. And if we want,we make-up she just go away. Here, I show how the pros do it:


Especially for mature, dry skin: first cream before makeup. This is the best preparation and prevents makeup from becoming stained. Just leave and go’s


First, it is said: full coverage fnr eye shadow. I use a concealer with applicator BLKäsparkfor that. Is gentle to the skin nice (really good I think the “Maybelline of the extinguisher eye”, about €10). Gently pat short, which blur transitions and allow to dry.


The applied Foundationis now. Professionals use a sponge for extra dry skin, and a moistened. Applies in terms of color: bloß not too dark, that’s because older and looks artificially. The tone in the face test – best during daylight hours. And he must make the skin tone exactly, so you’d better

try once more. I’m a real fan of MAC – when it comes to priming -.There also the pros buy, you will be well advised, and there are many nuances.


Very important: the eyebrows, because they the frame frs eye make-up make üand beautifully shaped make the face expressive. In sparse eyebrows, an eyebrow pencil (if possible due to the hair colour) fills gaps and beautified. With a special brush, stubborn hairs in form can bring. For particularly stubborn, you can spray before some Hairspray on the brush.


The best müthe eyes: apply some highlighter in the inner corner of the eye to the lower and upper eyelid and blur down gently toward the Center. (E.g. “Rodial Instaglam magic pen Glow”, approx. €29).


Brown eyeshadow is the favorite color of most makeup artists makeup natto be beautifulaboverlich . He gives a velvety Sheen Brown eyes, blue eyes he makes really intense glow. Apply to the movable upper eyelid alongside the Highlighter and blur out gently upwards. Then from the middle of the lower as eyeliner under the edge of the eyelash, apply.


Around the eyes to emphasize even more, considering an eyeliner directly on the top of the eyelash – from inside out with Brown eyeliner. Makeup beginners sit down at a table for the best and support the make up arm on the table. This eyeliner is a soft alternative to the eyeliner.


Now the eyelashes are on it. Of course, we have not all such Bambi lashes as our South African model Chris. But in the meantime there are exactly for this reason more and more Mascaras, condense and Sandbachäextend (my favorites in terms of volume: “Max Factor mascara 2000 calorie”, approximately 6 €.) Properly visible extended: “Helena Rubinstein spectacular extension”, about €35).Professionals apply to: First, strip away the color excess from the brush of a Kleenex. Put at the top of the eyelashes and apply mascara with slight Zigzag movements from the approach to the top. With this technique, you get all hairs. Remove if somewhere too much paint is best with an eyelash comb. Of course you can take also an old mascara brush for this, that it has previously washed and dried.

The lower eyelid, the mascara is applied vertically, not across as above. So it prevents makeup blunders and can specifically apply mascara. Speaking of make-up blunders – which can be removed with a cotton wool pad dipped in make-up removing lotion.


Time f UE rs Rouge. For a cool, slightly blaustichigen complexion the color rosewood particularly beautiful has a natural look. Apricot is perfect for a warmer, light yellow stitch complexion. And who wants to look after weekend at sea, takes terracotta colored Rouge. Powder Rouge works best because it better portioned. Here you should invest in a good brush, it pays off! The brush in the Rouge powder dunk, tap on the back of the hand to ensure you get too much color and paint from the highest point of the cheek bone towards the temples.

Applies also here: applying best during daylight hours, so that the result is possible of course.


The lip pigmentation decreases with time, the color fades. Make-up artists trick: pull lip contour with a pencil – the best in color, later also the lip is painted in the. We have some times exaggerated for the photo and darker selected the color, so that you can see well, how is the contour and, above all, she must be as accurate. Once you get that done, simply with your finger tip slightly blur the color to the Middle. So you get a gentle gradient. If you play it safe – leaving the all-around ideal color rosewoodis because it looks so natural and is every woman (my favorite is the new by Clarins, “Nude Rose No. 03”, approx. €17). By the way, if you want to know, like the original lip color in the youth looked: bite just on the lips. If they are well irrigated, you’ll see the hue.


The lips are painted at the end. Makeup artists use when they want to make-up anyone younger, no lipstick and gloss. The emphasizes the lips gently and lälets you schön gläcomplement. The best young colours are rosewood, dull or strong red and matte pink. Absolute no-go is darker lipstick because it makes the face look hard and make the mouth smaller.


And so fresh and radiant it looks if it has heeded all the tricks.

We wish you lots of fun trying it out.


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