Luminaid:Cheap and Environmentally Friendly Solution For Emergency Room Lighting

In critical situations, such as environmental disasters and isolation situations, as in wars, one of the major problems faced is the lack of artificial lighting. Regarding this difficulty, LuminAID Lab has designed a clean light source, without the use of fossil fuels and other harmful to health.

LuminAID is a light source for easy use and storage.Integrated into a pouch very similar to those used in hospital settings, there is a small LED bulb board inside according to Aberdeensavings.

After being exposed to sunlight in four to six hours, the device is ready for use.To do so, it is necessary to inflate the bag by blowing it into the specific entrance, and turn on the LuminAID, which, with the new volume, will gain the appearance of a medium-sized bulb.

In use, it is possible to choose between the modalities as the greater incidence of light (with autonomy of up to four hours in that mode) or the moderate illumination, that will have life of up to six hours.

In addition, its environment brings extra advantages to emergencies, such as the great portability of its packaging, which can be folded, stored and transported in spaces with small volume, and also its resistance to the intemperies that usually spoil resources of this genre, such as rainfall And other difficulties.

There are two other great merits in this launch: the first is its price far below the equivalent products on the market: only $ 25.And each LuminAID purchased, another will be sent free to areas with weather or conflict in the world.