Look Man Gucci, Label on New Year’s Eve

The holiday season approaching. Some celebrations will be at home in privacy, others attend to night like new year’s Eve Parties, for example. The proposal of Gucci for man is the classic Tuxedo seen with a current look.

Black is the colour, the sober style successful for Go label. Tuxedo or smoking according to the part of the world that pronounces it, the men are very handsome with it. Tight shirt, tie or bow tie, lace-up shoes: a full Gucci look.

Tuxedo responds to the name of Tuxedo Signoria and is made of cotton 100% Black mohair. Five-button cuffs jacket and trousers with waist set with front closure. Available from size 46 to the 56 but check the size Guide because every brand is going.

The shirt should be impeccably tight-fitting to make the set look as it should. It is made of broadcloth cotton 100%, there is no possible argument: white. The sleeves have a mother of Pearl cufflinks.

Tie or bow tie? In the main picture, the model carries the black tie of the photo above. Handmade, it is 100% silk jacquard. Very elegant although & #8230;

… with smoking, I like to bring bowtie. It is the fashion accessory that best reflects an elegant party. The tie already bear daily or in non-festive formal occasions. Vote for bow tie! Made in Twill silk, a little practice and you’ll know to tie it with your eyes closed.

Finally, the shoes. Always of laces, I like very much have the gloss of patent leather. These Gucci carry the registration of the brand name embossed on one side, you see it?. Drillings added a sinuous line to smooth skin. The size is 39 to 44. We must take them impeccably clean although it is easy with the patent leather.

As it is winter, be un coat or raincoat. I remember my proposal for higher for Tuxedo garments of Burberry. Ready to succeed.