Long Blouse, Culotte, Short Cardigan-A Length Game And Styling Tips

It always comes again that I am asked, if I could not even a section tips or advice with in my blog could record. Of course, I am happy.

I mean, is there any greater praise from my readers than such a request? I can not. Well okay, possibly a comparison with the Greek goddess of beauty? At the same time, I take the Italian… But hey… I do not want to appear excessive. O 🙂 In any case, I would really like this request from the heart-but this is not so easy. At least not for me, because I dress up actually only after feeling. And sometimes with the critical look in the mirror, the thought is forced, there is something wrong with the feeling. However, this does not apply to today’s outfit, where I tried through different lengths to style the long blouse interesting.

Anyway, this is not easy with tips for the outfit. So with very targeted advice. There is a lot to consider, and that is not just the figurative prerequisites. So many factors play a role. So I do not know if there are preferences with colors-simply because they do not stand or because you can not stand them. Or patterns! In the case of patterns, the spirits are quite different. Some people only like dots, others just stripes-others want it extravagant. Gold or silver? Or do we take the shoes, flat or high? When high, how high? Pointed or round, rugged or elegant. Boots, ankle boots or ankle boots? You see… there are a lot of greasy peas ready to go into, and the list is not yet finished.

The Figure

And then there is the figure. Where I now do not have the size of the clothing as such. I feel the “lengths” as much more difficult. In the critical view in the mirror, much more bothering me when the waist is sitting in the wrong place. If everything fits, an outfit looks more harmonious, as if a shell maybe a bit too tight or too far sits. So not only to me… synonymous, when I “analyze” the outfits of other people. If the lengths do not match each other, this optics can destroy the whole outfit. So to my sense of style at least and I can not even describe better.

Perfect For An A **** Antler

Let’s take a look… me… is just no other there… O 🙂 I have a relatively long upper body in relation to the lower body. Tztztz… who needs something? What is: In normal waist pants I have to be careful that the butt is still covered by pants. In the nineties this would have been perfect for an A **** antler… Mist-unfortunately missed.Besides, regular long shirts are often too short for me-I can only say a high on the Oversized look. However too oversized the shell should then not be again, at least not exaggerated long. So, as the long blouse in my today’s outfit-which is, if you take it very exactly, actually much too long for me. Optically remedy creates then the short cardigan, because the view is directed upwards and thus my upper body does not work so long. The optically won piece, then comes again the legs to good.

Hell Is A Softskill?

You can see for yourself, that would not be possible via online consultation. I would have to work out a questionnaire, which you then have to answer quite conscientiously and honestly. What I could imagine, however, are advice on certain items of clothing. So recently asked a dear colleague, if I could possibly have a tip, how she could cover her hot-loving summer denim dress still in the autumn. Unfortunately, she did not have a picture and because hell did not see my softskills, I could give her no tip. For all other advice on fashion, styling, wellbeing and anyway, the fantastic side ofStephanie, also known as the fashion whisperer . She also illustrates by her drawings quite wonderfully what I could only explain with my feeling. And as already mentioned, with the synonymous not always everything….

Long Blouse And Culotte

But this is true with my today’s outfit everything… that tells me at least my style. Although this really does not fit me at all, because the Culotte shortened my legs and the long blouse extended my upper body. But it still works-once because the color is gray and white, uniform and harmonious, and the short cardigan and the chain divert the view upwards and leave the long blouse no longer a prayer shirt. The pumps stretch the legs a bit and the red coat and the lip color provide the necessary color pigments. Et voilá-so I manage an outfit with Longbluse and Culotte… And now would be your opinion still burningly interested: Would you read such a rubric tips also gladly? Have nen nice Friday and nen great start to the weekend dearest everyone,

Culotte: Esprit-mine is from last year. Now I have found from Bogner a gray Culotte  (Affiliatelink)-via Breuninger and in the shop of PHILOSOPHYNEARBY one from Drykorn  (Affiliatelink) 
blouse: H & M-a long blouse, which I like, I unfortunately did not find. 
Cardigan: Ground-is also available from last year and never available-there is a new model of the short cardigan also with floor in different colors  (Affiliatelink). 
Shoes: Cafe Noir-and again I link the pumps of Michael Kors (Affiliatelink)-I think they are a real bargain. Unfortunately never in all sizes-via Zalando. 
Coat: Asos-also from last year-but at About you there is a very similar coat of Heine  (Affiliatelink).