LlabTooFeR: HTC One X 9 (E56) Will Come in 2016, But It Won’t Be a Top Range 

Update 18:52 hours: Another notorious leaker intervened supporting the hypothesis of LlabTooFeR and providing a more precise specifications. According to Evan Blass (Evleaks)the specifications of HTC One X 9 (E56) would be as follows:

  • 5 “display FullHD
  • Soc Mediatek
  • 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of storage
  • 13 MP back camera with OIS
  • 4 front camera MP
  • 3000 mAh battery

The well known Developer LlabTooFeR has recently intervened in commenting on the information leaked on HTC One X 9, passed to the headlines on the finish of last week. The picture that emerges is marked on one side by the confirmation of the existence of the smartphone, the other by a statement of specifications which is basically all over again.

LlabTooFeR proves to be aware of the device, but the only technical data confirming the presence of only 4 front camera MP Ultrapixel. The remaining part of the prospectus circulated last Saturday is incorrect according to the source that specifies:

  • Snapdragon 820 or Mediatek Helio X 20-wrong
  • 3 GB or 4 GB of RAM-wrong
  • Display 1440p-wrong
  • Cam back from 23 MP-wrong
  • 4 front cam MP enlarged pixel-fixed
  • 3500 mAh battery-wrong

After destruens, comes the stage construens of LlabTooFeR which States:

HTC E56 (One X 9) is directed to the first quarter of 2016. The device will go into a lower range compared to HTC One A9. Will arrive two or three months before the flagship M10.

This is because, pending further evidence. Basically, the information provided by LlabTooFeR have more weight than those that are the result of intertwining of rumor that depart from social networks often produced by Chinese Weibo, sources not entirely reliable and difficult to identify, and without bouncing over the network from other sources that recovered details more or less plausible.