LG in Headwind for Android Wear App That Supports Only Watch Urban

LG has created a nice little Watch application called LG Call, but it supports only the brand-new Watch Urban.

LG recently launched a small nifty application for Android Wear devices called LG Call. It is a relatively simple app that basically only allows, to initiate a call on the phone, from your clock-while at the same time to access recent calls and one’s favorite contacts.

The launch of the application have been met with a pure cascade of reviews on just 1 star, and have right now an overall assessment on only 1.5 stars on Google Play, the reason for this wave of negative comments is simply that LG has chosen to support only a single clock, namely their own LG Watch Urban.

One thing is that the LG doesn’t want to support watches from other manufacturers, but the criticism hails from owners of G Watch R and the original G Watch who find it quite open to criticism that they cannot use the application-especially owners of G Watch R feel cheated because the hardware is relatively similar.

In the description of the application puts the LG up to application is supported on all LG Android Wear devices, they write that “LG Call for Android Wear is a companion app which works with LG Android Wear devices”-However, there is no question of a mistake, it seems, under this description it says quite clearly that the app is only supported when the phone is paired with the LG Watch Urban.

Extra water to the mill are users that have a G Watch R, experience that LG Call are marked as recommended when one browser of apps, only to be disappointed that it still does not work.