LG G4: See Demonstration of QuickCircle Cover (Video)

LGs QuickCircle cover is one of the very slick ideas, therefore they can also be obtained for LG G4, see a demonstration here.

If you have already decided to be an LG G4 on the basis of the many details that have come before and since its launch, so should we not being cheated out of the opportunity for a QuickCircle cover.

LGs QuickCircke cover has proved to be quite a nice idea, they have a small round display on the front of the size of a smartwatch, where you can get a wide range of information without needing to open its cover. Furthermore, you can control a number of applications such as music playback, camera, messages, etc.-without needing to open the cover, you can even get small games that are made specifically for the small window.

The screen inside the rear cover, is designed to only light the small area up when the cover is in use, so you can also save tremendously on the flow.

They are available in a variety of colors, gold, silver, light blue, dark grey, pink and Brown like everyone has a sort of diamond-pattern and is made of hard plastic. There is also a QuickCircle Pop version which has the same function, but created out of something shiny leather-like material.