LG G4 Displayed in Four New Commercials

With four new commercials will LG display, how large a piece of work that lies behind the production of the top model LG G4.

LG’s new big bet, G4, which was presented on Tuesday, coming before long on the market. Therefore publishes the South Koreans a series of new commercials that should convince you that LG G4 is the right choice for you.

The four commercials goods every 30 seconds, where two of them show the hard work that lies in producing leather back covers, which according to the LG takes 12 weeks to make.

The last two videos showing the manufacture of the display panel and the lens to the camera, which hardly takes place under the usual factories-but as you know, it is also advertising.


In the two videos dealing with leather back one sees a Tanner, that cuts the leather out and sews the prominent stitching across the back. Along the way, go through the phone a careful inspection from garveren.


The third commercial focuses on the display panel, which is of Quantum-type. Here make the man in the video different tests of the monitor and compare an image taken with the phone of a bouquet of roses with the right bouquet of roses. LG claims that the screen has a 20% wider gamut.

Camera lens

Eventually follows a 30-second advertisement about the lens, sitting in camera at 16 MP. It is again the same person from the previous video, which inspects the components and assemble them into a complete LG G4.

LG G4 is kept in the end up against a host of great skryskrabere under the night sky, which is adjusted in the camera settings to close more or less light in. This will demonstrate how much difference a good camera lens can do in a smartphone.