LG Announces That The Week That Comes Will Begin to Upgrade Their G4 to 6.0 Android Marshmallow

As it already happened last year, a few weeks that Google has announced the new version of its operating system has already started the career of manufacturers by hang be the first to update Medal one of their devices. And this year looks set to be LG who hang up it is, as it has announced that the coming week will begin to upgrade their G4.

But no, it is not a general update as everyone would expect. The first users of the LG G4 to receive Android 6.0 Marshmallow will be those of Poland, and then the update will be expanded the rest of Europe, Asia and America.

According to statements of Chris Yie, Vice President and head of marketing communications from the company, “its close collaboration with Google has allowed that LG can bring 6.0 Android to the G4 before any of its competitors.” Has also admitted that the speed is not indicative of a good service, but it helps that users can see that LG is committed to its them.

LG not is reaping a too good reputation in terms of its commitment with the users precisely because so little that updates your devices, remember that the G3 has been almost a year anchored in Android 5.0. It remains to be seen if the aim to regain that trust makes them remember also his ship logo last year, and if as some rumors suggest just updating it to the new version of Android.