Lenovo Director Shares Million Bonus with Employees

A bonus of 3.25 millions dollars to be shared out among good 10,000 Lenovo employees.

After a very nice year for Lenovo where they are doing well in an otherwise tough tried PC market and at the same time is in progress on the mobile front, Director Yang Yuanqing will receive a generous bonus of 3.25 millions dollars (18.36 million dollars).

Like last year, he has chosen to distribute this bonus between 10,000 employees in 20 countries. There will be approximately $ 325 (1835.0-DKK) more in lonposen for all employees, and although it might not sound like much in Danish ear, so it is close to a monthly salary of employees in China who represent 85 percent of the entire company.

Lenovo has over 30,000 employees globally, those who receive this bonus, mainly factory workers who are on an hourly payment and do not receive any other bonus or sales commissions.