Learn How To Customize Your Clocks In A Very Simple Way To Give An Original Touch To Your Home

Generally speaking, everyone has at least one clock in some corner of the House. We try to take care of whatever chords with decoration, an original clock that not only help us to give us the time, but also to dress up a wall as if it were a picture.

We can find many different models, with forms and new colors that we serve as a decorative element in many shops.

Watches have always been prized devices already that our life is organized around the hour. With the passage of time clocks have evolved, not so much in terms of mechanics but yes to style, years ago having a clock was a touch of distinction to the House, a large clock with pendulum was very coveted by the people of high-class, although with the passing of the years now everyone can afford one, with pendulum or more modern and simple.

The case is that as currently used as furnishing element, we have thought of how we can customize them for having a unique and exclusive watch, and make it to our House that creative touch that both we like in Incredible houses. We always encourage you to put you hands to work and do yourselves many decorative elements that you have at home. Thus, today could not do less, so we bring you a few tricks so that in a very short time you can dress your wall with a clock that is unique and personal.

We bring you 27 ideasfor all tastes and colors, so you can choose which suits you or inspire you to create one own. What do you think?

  1. perfect for lovers of bicycles.

If you like cycling, or know someone who practice it with great enthusiasm, this is a very original and very easy to make gift. The circular shape of the wheel is the perfect setting for a watch, you only have to be a little creative to form the clock with other elements.

2 around the world.

If you’re an inveterate traveler, don’t see how this watch on a globe. Besides being very simple, it is very original and you can put it where you want.

  1. clock of crochet.

If you have a bit of ease with the needles you can turn any watch into all a work of art. Use the shape and colors that you like most and give a little life to the more simple world clock.

  1. the time in outer space.

Everything about the planets in our Galaxy or space always attracts us by its beauty. We must recognize that our planet is beautiful, but space gives us prints that we don’t see every day, so we take them to an original clock.

  1. what to who Lego dislikes?

You have the age you have, possibly be so Lego fan like me. This idea is not only great for decoration, but it can also be an entertainment for the little ones of the House. Best of all?You can change the style of the clock whenever you want.

6 wooden clock.

With sticks of wood, economical way, can get a super wood clock you a crafts and rustic touch to your home. Although if you like the style and the form but you prefer more colorful spray paint is perfect for this project.

  1. clock of the 1950s.

If you also like the classic watches you can make them. This is an example of a replica of a mid century stellar watch, takes a little more than carpentry work but nothing impossible to do.

  1. the tea time.

If you like tea, or simply adore the original crockery and porcelain, this is definitely your clock. One of the good things that have, in addition to its originality, is that depending on the dishes that you use, you can get a modern watch, vintage, retro, etc.

  1. photo clock.

If you like to fill your walls with photographs you can consider a two for one. You only have to have photos so that they match the numbers of a clock and ready. Whenever you want you can change the pictures to watch whenever you want.

  1. a vintage frame.

A pair of frames that you like is sufficient so that you can make an original work. Frames can be painted, as well as the canvas from the inside, you can be as simple or as creative as you want.

  1. did you know that spoons could give much of themselves?

Some plastic spoons can be your perfect watch, but check it out for yourself. Place them correctly takes a little patience, but anything that does not make you proud once you finish.Choose the color that you like and you get your hands on.

  1. perhaps better wooden than of plastic spoons.

If plastic spoons have not convinced you, perhaps the wood make it, you can decorate them as you like and in fact this model is easier to make. Take imagination and creates a funny picture.

  1. neither the clocks have to be round or carry numbers.

Takes this opportunity to skip any established standard, if you like paint can make a canvas and use it to make your own clock. A blank paper always gives you absolute freedom.

  1. large clock tower.

If you usually amaze with large watches the great cathedrals and monuments that exist in the world, you can always make one for your home and dress up a big city. The Tower, of agreement, will miss you but time to time.

  1. the librarian clock.

They say that beauty is in the small detail and after seeing this watch I can not agree more. A clock – book, in addition to original, is very useful. If you have a book repeated at home, or one that is very damaged, you can recycle it to get something as beautiful as this.

16 color block.

Although the tendency of the color blocks not as currently used, still has many possibilities.Not only because it allows us to decorate to our taste, but also because it is very easy to do. A fantastic idea is to put several forming a composition, with different time zones.

17 starting from now you reciclarás more magazine pages.

As simple as recycling magazines we buy weekly or monthly, with a little patience you’ve gathered so many that you can make a clock like this, or in any other way you prefer. Very colorful and sure that no one is expected to be a own work is.

  1. perfect hexagons.

Hexagons fit perfectly and you can create a mural as large as you want. You can not only play with the size, you can also make hexagons of different colors and patterns to create a collage.Any piece of geometric shapes such as squares and triangles are also worth you.

  1. minimalist mountains.

Minimalist elements always give an elegant touch to our House, you can make mountains or any other way that you like, the case is done in soft colors and as simple as possible, if you avoid the numbers and details best.

  1. the perfect watch for the kitchen.

A fun and original example is to use the kitchen to make our own clock. It uses a few covered as handles and other elements can combine them as you wish.

  1. the mystery of Silly Walks.

Whether you are a fan of Monty Python, this watch will not leave you indifferent. Although it makes sense with this character, you can always consider putting your favorite.

22 a donut please!

It is difficult to love donuts as Homer Simpson does, but you are both the pastry and series fan, this is a great idea to create your clock. It is subtle and fun, perfect for any room.

23 watch of cement.

The industry trend is increasingly fashionable, minimalist touches always give breadth to the House and not over load our walls. This is a very simple example of how a little cement can get very good results, make you a little cement fast setting and get to work.

  1. musical clock.

If retain some old vinyl but you don’t have a record player and also save you much love, you can use it as a clock in a very simple way. When you love the idea, don’t forget that you can still find some cheap vinyl in record stores.

  1. the molten clock.

If you think that a conventional vinyl is very boring for you, do not you think it twice before melt a bit in the oven so that create a work like the surrealism of Dalí were. You can place it on any shelf as if he were melting.

  1. the elegance of simplicity.

A simple wooden board takes all the prominence of this watch, it is minimalism in their pure, since the only thing that comes with it, in addition to essential handles on a clock, is a leather strap to hang.

  1. retro clock of the 1950s.

Everyone who goes to a store and decides to do something that has delighted them by itself.Everything you want to achieve only need a little creativity and ingenuity, as this 50’s style watch that you can combine with elements.