Kenya’s Defense

Kenya has volunteer military service. Kenya has defense and security policy agreements with the United Kingdom and defense policy ties with the United States. The total force figures for Kenya’s armed forces are 24 100 active personnel (2018, IISS). In addition there are 5000 semi-military police forces.


The army has a workforce of 20,000 active personnel. Material includes 78 Vickers Mk 3 tanks, 92 light trucks, 200 armored personnel vehicles and two self-propelled artillery. In addition, the Army has light artillery, anti-aircraft artillery and 37 helicopters.

Kenya's Army

Air Force

The Air Force has a personnel force of 2,500 active personnel. Material comprising 21 fighters of a F-5 Tiger II, 17 transport, 29 trainers (which eleven S-312 Tucano which can also be used as light attack aircraft, and five Hawk can also be used as light combat aircraft ), and 32 helicopters.

The Navy

The Navy has a workforce of 1,600 active personnel (including 120 Marines), seven patrol vessels, two landing craft, and two auxiliary vessels.

International operations

In 2018, Kenya participated in the African Union Operation in Somalia (AMISOM) with three infantry battalions (4046 personnel).

Kenya also participated with observers and a small number of personnel in UN operations in Democratic Republic of Congo (MONUSCO), Central African Republic (MINUSCA), Lebanon (UNIFIL) with one person, in Mali (MINUSMA), in Sudan (UNAMID), and in South Sudan (UNMISS).

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