Jupiter Is the First Smartphone That ‘ Smoke ‘, for Real!

The search for the unique feature of the particular that others haven’t pushed Vaporcade to accomplish the first smartphone that allows you to ‘ smoke ‘, obviously we do not speak of the classic cigarettes with tobacco but a current version with atomizer. The device is called Jupiter and certainly will discuss, the smartphone boasts the classic features of category plusa system virtually identical to that of the electronic cigarette can be fastened to the frame.

This add-on makes it quite unique, the website of Vaporcade argues that to work on the project there is also Herbert a. Gilbert, one of the first to have patented electronic cigarette in 1965, and also co-founders Seamus Blackley, who in the past contributed to the creation of the Xbox. I mean some illustrious name to outline and proclamations rather ambitious:

Their mission is to transform the market by creating a community-based technology, coffee, health and everything that is steam. Saving potentially millions of people now slaves of tobacco addiction.

The idea is not to make available only the liquids that are on the market with current electronic cigarettes, Vaporcade is quite willing to create a device that opens the doors to a new industry. Jupiter will atomize medicines, nutraceuticals, coffee, tea and more. In the small tank entering 5.8 ml of liquid, the accessory that turns your smartphone into a digital hookahis sold separately and attaches to the top of the device.

Few, very few news on your smartphone, there will be two versions, one with 3 g connectivity and a second from $ 299 to $ 499 with 4 g LTE, Android Kitkat 4.4 to manage everything and dedicated application for the new function. There aren’t yet any authorisations necessary for the sale even for the USA, we will see then if Jupiter will come really or will it all end in a puff of smoke.