José Castro Debuts at Cibeles Fashion Week

Friday he made his debut at Cibeles José Castro, a designer’s extensive national and international experience. He has worked for Dolce & Gabbana, Givenchy and for brands such as Uneven or Miró Jeans. He is a member of the French Federation of Couture and Sarah Jessica Parker wore his jeans in New York sex.

His previous collections with your own brand presented them in Paris and Barcelona, but now comes the turn of debuting in Cibeles, and seeing live how brilliant his collection, I hope to stay by our lands for a long time.

The parade began with tailored suits modernized through cross short jackets and pants harem, black and bright fabrics. The outline adheres to the waist, with skirts to the height of the knee in an elegant and feminine style, showed at

His creations include the volumes, achieved thanks to gathers, Ruffles, draped, and folds in the shape of flowers, hips and shoulders. In addition, the garments are decorated with feathers and sequins.

The skins they form an essential part of his collection. Skins of animals such as rats, which are treated and dyed in colors such as red and yellow. The capes of skins and leather also stand out for their volume, especially in collars and sleeves.

Until it came out on the catwalk a Reefer to obscene dimensions, that it is even curled walking. Before the question raised us to the there present how many animals did lack kill to make this coat?, they began to hear the first whistles.

But in this time of political correctness, a display of animal skins could not be without justification. From then on all the models came out with the red paint-stained hands. Hands bloody with the blood of animals. The models began to stain red fabrics of the pristine white dresses and the capes of skins that paraded thereafter.

Forgetting the anecdote, it must stay with the talent of this designer able to surprise, excite and create beautiful things.