As promised it’s time that you reveal what struck me most in Amsterdam in Gassan diamond factory: the line of jewelry Choices by Deborah Leeser. You thought between the red carpet of the Cannes Film Festival and the precious outfits for the bride -may I forget orange blossom-scented, but really it was just a way to test your attention.

The jewelry Choices

By now you know I love colored stones-when are natural-and that is why I noticed the jewelry Choices when I went in the jewelry Gassan in the central square of Amsterdam.Hoping to talk to those who signed the line, Debora Leeser, I headed into his diamond factory.

Well Yes: Debora is the daughter of Benno Leeser, President and grandson of the founder of the Gassan Industry, not the girl next door!

The idea of Debora Leeser

The idea that inspired Debora is to create a jewel you can change along with your outfit. How? Through a patented system with a magnet you can dismantle the jewelryChoices and replace components, including the stones at

The Debora gimmick is pretty, though obviously to make it workable lines of jewelry Choices are very simple and straightforward. The earrings and pendants are likely to fall in absolute anonymity for both the shape and the size, while the rings formed big saving crucially for the large central stone.

The prices of jewelry Choices

Prices, however, are truly amazing: think a ring with pave diamonds –we’re talking about 0.66 ct. to be clear, not high-carat diamonds and a Rose Quartz stone central-not particularly expensive- it costs more than 5 thousand euros.

Of course what much greater effect on the cost is at the core of the patent that is the stem of the ring-more than 3500 euros-and not because it is in Gold (both clear!), but because it contains the magnet that lets you change the stones.

Now did you clear the commercial mechanism? To spend much on first purchase so that in the future you have the sensation of being able to change your jewelry buying just one or two additional elements, which will have a total cost significantly reduced compared to the initial one.

Needless to say that although you find nice idea, the cost of jewelry Choices feels too exorbitant. Mind you, these are high prices for some but not for all.

Think Deborah Leeser said that her collection of jewelry Choices is absolutely accessible and answers a fundamental question: why should you choose a gem when you have more choices?

For those who are thought the jewelry Choices

In fact I believe that the relevant public for jewelry Choices is not a woman, but only one that can afford to match your own jewelry to the colors of their outfits. If you don’t have the disposable income to buy different colors of stones or to change the other components of the jewelry Choices does not make sense to opt for this product. Their only peculiarity lies in this ability to mix and transform, which is the very cause of their prices so outrageously high.

And we return to our starting point: Debora is beautiful, young and future heir of Gassan, must not worry about the girl next door. Assuming it has a neighbour of course.