Jeremy Scott for Adidas Original Spring/Summer 2012: Rizando The Curl of The Eccentricity

Increasingly less understand the contributions of Jeremy Scott for Adidas Original. After seeing the collection spring/summer 2012, I have the feeling of being in a hidden camera and that at any time will exit Juan y Medio with a bouquet of flowers to the rhythm of the tune of ‘ innocent, innocent & #8217;.

That a brand aimed at the public general remove this kind of collections that like regular and are little wearable leaves me quite surprised. But the case is that this collaboration follows one season more and I guess it should be profitable, because if you don’t end up with it. What is clear is that the designer marks his unique style to each of the garments and leaves no one indifferent. Or for better, or for worse.

And what is the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about Scott? There is no doubt: the wings, that again you are again present in his collection. As for example in this jacket Golden in which, in addition, fringes are included in the sleeves. Perfect to not go unnoticed even in Carnival. Combined with pants, sweatpants with musical notes on the side and with animal print slippers.

Bars and star … Yes, friends, the flag of the United States is already here. We have it in large Sweatshirts with bands similar to the of straitjackets, in tight shorts, t-shirts and sneakers in which the wings are stained of patriotic spirit. If you want to go for a jog with Obama, this is your look.

The animal print more extreme We are so in these pants with the characteristic of Adidas sideband matching sneakers, have until Leopard rabito. Oh, you like what you eat you Tiger, I would say Lola Flores.

What most caught my attention is the shoes of this outfit. If you look, has a design very reminiscent of classic Adidas sneakers, but they are actually a pair of sandals. As for pants gray and shirt patterned sneakers designed by him, not convince me the least. I think that it would not them me or for a field day.

The Fanny packs are back and you’ll have to tie them well strong, because you run the risk of that come out flying. If you decide to make a cursillo tunning dress in this manner, it will be your ideal complement. As for shoes … do not remember them? They are the JS Wings Scott designed in collaboration with the Korean musical group 2NE1. All an ode to the mixture of colors.

Here’s the look most wearable of all, composed by a Black tracksuit with pirate pants, Gray t-shirt with the logo of Adidas and, here’s the touch of distinction, sneakers with a gorilla of Teddy in tabs.

Finally, here is the jackpot. A tracksuit? Pajamas? A uniform for a center of aesthetics? I have no idea, but I think that pattern of skin of Leopard and gorillas with sunglasses and surfboard on a purple background of the most horrific things I’ve seen in my life.

Finally, with this collection Jeremy Scott has achieved to turn more nut to its eccentricity, Although I miss their garments based on bullfighting costumes, which are also out of eating apart. Recently don’t, save very little of this collection, at least for personal use.

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