Jelly Bracelets of Pura Vida are Hit with Male Audience

The history of Pura Vida begins when two friends traveling in a small community of Costa Rica know a Mr poor named Jorge who sold bracelets made with colored beads. The creations of George won the double that suggested the artisan manufacture in larger quantities to be resold in the United States. The idea worked and soon Jorge had a comfortable life and the two friends were owners of a thriving business.

Jelly Bracelets of Pura Vida are Hit with Male Audience 2

Today the simple and colorful bracelets created by Jorge are sold in more than 2,000 points in the world (from $5), celebrities like David Beckham and Robert Downey Jr. have been seen with these props on their wrists and the accessory has become a real craze among young people who wear the bracelets as a way to express your lifestyle.

The truth is that the vibrant colors, the simple material and the appeal of handmade bracelets are the right combination at the right time, when the “pulseirismo” (I don’t like the term) is getting stronger with the male audience which adopted the accessory both in looks and in casual sports or social, becoming common to see men in suits and ties to reveal the bracelet of Pura Vida when raise the arm or pulling the sleeve of the jacket to tell time perhaps to demonstrate that behind that serious aspect, the Executive itself, there is a cool person who loves life, nature and adventure.

Jelly Bracelets of Pura Vida are Hit with Male Audience 1

Where To Buy

The Pura Vida has an own virtual shop that sells all over the world (including Brazil), has low parts-probably another reason for your success – and the product line also includes covers for iPhone ($ 20 each), key chains ($ 3) and pendants ($ 10). As the brand is a member ofOne Percent for the Planet and contributes with the Surfrider Foundation, a foundation that clean beaches and oceans across the globe, every purchase reverses a percentage of the value in donation.

Pura Vida’s products can also be found for sale on Amazon.

How To Use

Jelly Bracelets of Pura Vida are Hit with Male Audience 3

The way you want. A lot of people think nice combine several of several colors, others prefer one or two with complementary colors. The type of costume also does not influence a lot, if you search in Google you will see people flowers using the bracelet discreetly and, as I said, gentlemen presentable with a half-dozen in the wrist, all strong and contrasting colors, the important thing is to combine them in a way that you let the will and show your style according to MUSTOWNJEWELRY.

Note: according to the website of the brand the combination of colors of the bracelet is also made from scratch, so only.