Jakob and Solveig Remote Hiking Jacket

Whether on the way of St. James or the Pacfic Crest Trail, one who makes up to off to pilgrims to or planning long-distance hiking to commit, should not save on the appropriate equipment for maximum walking comfort. With the innovative, award-winning and patented Jakob remote hiking jacket for men as well as the Solveig remote hiking jacket for ladies Maier has created new standards in terms of functionality and comfort of walking sports.

Maier sports

At Maier sports is a German company, with its headquarters in the Swabian Köngen, that now 75 years high quality hiking and ski apparel manufactures according to writingles.com.

The success story of the world’s popular outdoor of brand Maier sports based on the years of accumulated technical know-how, combined with the use of advanced material technologies, the seemingly endless innovation potential for the development of new product features and a unique exclusive product design, ‘made by Maier sports’.

However, the focus not only on functionality and quality but also on the responsible and sustainable use is with man and nature.

FairWear Foundation

For 2011, the Swabian company is member of the FairWear Foundation, an international non-profit organization that controls the compliance with fair working conditions in the textile industry. The FairWear Foundation oversees compliance with the working conditions of all the companies involved in the manufacturing process of the textile producers, suppliers to brand-name manufacturers.

Maier sports 2020 PFC-free

One of the main problems for fully waterproof function clothing is the use of peri – and poly-fluorinated material coatings. They ensure while the desired weather protection, to be able to stand but at the same time suspected cause adverse health effects. 2014 already appeared the first PFC-free manufactured jacket models in the product portfolio of the brand. Maier sports has the ambitious goal set to waive up to 2020 completely on the use of harmful PFC (peri – and poly-fluorinated compounds) in their weather protection clothing collections. Still brand products manufactured at the 4o completely PFC free.

Maier sports Jakob & Solveig remote hiking jacket

With the new remote wall er jackets named Jacob and Solveig, the step towards less pollution and a weather protection clothing entirely of PFC was continued consistently.

But this is by far not the only reason why delight pilgrims and the friends of remote hiking in the new remote wall er jackets Jakob (gents) and Solveig (women’s model).

Product details:

  • waterproof up to a water column pressure of 20000 mm
  • completely windproof
  • breathable, steam flow value of 20000 g / m2/24 h

Patented Cape design

Both, both the women’s and the men’s model equipped with the new, patented Cape construction, which finally creates a problem previously difficult-to-use troubleshooting.

Most had to know probably already on his own body, soak after a while in the pouring rain, just below the shoulder straps of the backpack, as well as the bearing surface on the back like an actually completely waterproof jacket. The reason for this is obvious. The additional pressure of the weight which is expressed between risers and rucksack back jacket accumulated moisture through the really waterproof layer of clothing.

With the patented system of the Cape, which completely covers the space between the backpack and back, Maier sports has created an elegant and functional solution to this problem. It covers both the head and shoulder area and also bridged the gap between back and backpack. So no moisture penetrates more vulnerable places and the rain rolls off easily on the Cape and the outer layer of clothing.

The Cape is by push buttons close to the chest and is fixed with a zip at the collar, as well as by the adjustable straps in addition to the hip. This closure and fastening system ensures maximum freedom of movement and prevents slipping of the capes.

The adjustable straps of the integrated rain Cape allow wearing hiking rucksacks with a capacity of 30 to 65 litres.

Jakob & Solveig with Maier sports mTex 20000 weather protection

For a maximum weather protection, Maier has sports both at the Jakob men remote hiking jacket as also the Solveig remote hiking jacket his powerful mTEX 2-layer weather protection material to the usage brought. mTEX 20000 gives these pieces of clothing a unbeatable climate comfort, maximum water and wind resistance and an improved breathability. The Mr version of “Jacob” as well as the women’s version of “Solveig” are complete through the use of high-performance 2-layer of mTEX function material waterproof up to a water column pressure of 20000 mm.

At the same time a perfectly balanced breathing activity, with a water vapour pass value of 20000 g / m is ensured through the 2-ply function membrane m²/24 h. Also, the front pockets have extra ventilation openings which allow optimum air circulation inside the clothing just to particularly strenuous intermediate stages.

Product features of the j & Solveig remote hiking jacket

Both the ladies – (Solveig) as well as the Mr version (Jakob) feature a selection of comfort-enhancing features of the product. How at all m, have this remote wall er jackets sports products the special sewing patterns with the cuddly fits of the fit specialists which make for an ideal comfort of movement.

The functional jackets equipped with a removable, fully adjustable hood and thanks to the additional integrated reflectors is provided also for improved visibility in the dark.

Plus X award 2015

The plus award is the world’s largest Innovation Prize for the areas: technology, sports and lifestyle. At this year’s plus X award in 2015, the Mr version of “Jacob” as well as the women’s run “Solveig” the new remote hiking Jacket by m was named sports in the areas of “High Quality”, “Design” as well as “Functionality”.

Maier sports guarantee

As on all m-branded products will also be on the Solveig and Jakob remote hiking jacket, with proper use, sports a warranty of 5 years by the manufacturer.