It Has Today Introduced Iphone 5 S, Iphone 5 C and Ios7 – Apple!

It was a very hot expected date – today, the Big Apple event was announced on 10 September at 19: 00 BST. The rumors were already very wild several weeks ago – so many Apple disciples alongside the official announcement of iOS have 7 is also a new iPhone. And they were not disappointed!

Apple introduced today two new iPhone models: iPhone C (budget variant for from $99 in the USA, coupled with a 2 year contract) and an iPhone 5 S, the first Smartphone with a 64 bit processor. The price will be here probably equal the iPhone 5, like the previous model.


The new Apple operating system iOS7 was now officially announced for 18th September. After this date, it will be for the following devices to download available:

  • iPhone 4
  • iPhone 4S
  • iPhone 5
  • iPad 2
  • 3rd generation iPad with retina
  • 4th generation iPad with retina
  • iPad mini
  • 5th generation iPod touch
  • and of course the presented today devices iPhone 5 C and iPhone 5 S

iPhone 5C.

Some rumors we could see the guess already, that Apple will introduce a plastic iPhone. This can be viewed as a cheap beginner model. Today it was presented actually iPhone 5 C, which in the United States with a 2 year contract already for only $99 is available.

The “C” in the name of the new iPhone stands for “color”, because the device is available in 5 different colors: green, white, blue, red and yellow. Jony Ive von Apple defends Apple’s selection of material (polycarbonate) during the keynote: “This is a beautiful plastic, for which one must apologize not iPhone 5 C.”.

A 4 inch retina screen and an 8 MegaPixel camera make the device a significant entry-level model for all, which would afford no iPhone 5 S.

iPhone 5S

The iPhone 5 becomes the new top model of the Apple Smartphone series and at the same time also completely supersedes the iPhone 5 out of the market. This will no longer be available in stores now. A 64 bit processor has been installed to date still in any Smartphone – Apple goes this first step and confirmed: the new A7 much faster loading times also for complex applications processor are possible. The CPU should be 5 more than twice as fast as compared to the iPhone.

Due to the fast speed, it should be easy to realize in the future to edit HD videos with iMovie or to work on complex spreadsheets and presentations in iWork. The battery should not suffer – Apple promises even longer battery life to previous models.

The iPhone 5 s Apple relies completely on the photo – and video feature: with a slow motion function it will in future be possible to shoot up to 120 images within a second. Also the front camera has been adjusted so that in the future quality and ausgeleuchtetere videos for FaceTime can be rotated.

With the function touch ID a fingerprint can be checked at the iPhone 5 S by the home button – this should make unnecessary to enter of a security code. Simply tap the home button hold and is already unlocked the iPhone.

The iPhone 5S will soon be black, available Silver and gold (!) in the colors.