Is It Preparing Windows 10 Mobile to Include an Emulator for Android?

That Microsoft is working hard to attract users and developers of Android It is nothing new, after all a couple of months ago we already know the Project Astoria which claimed that Android and iOS developers to tailor applications for Windows 10 making minimal changes in them.

But I wouldn’t change a thing if in addition to that, in Microsoft? they were also preparing a native emulator Why Android applications to run properly on your mobile operating system? It seems that there are shots in a few lines of code discovered in the latest build of the preview for mobile Windows 10.

What are the tracks?

Already a week ago Microsoft released the 10149 WinMo 10 build for the members of their Insider program, but until recently it had not discovered that also It included a few Android-related files, something that at first no surprise bearing in mind the aforementioned Project Astoria.

But as it has been investigating also is has discovered that there are certain things that shouldn’t be there unless Microsoft is preparing something fat face the future. Specifically it is a set of files for Android that provide access to tools like the Android Debugger Bridge (ADB), a program client-server that It allows you to communicate with an emulator or virtual machine, or they make it from another Android device where to send commands to the latter.

Also have been detected other drivers of the Hyper-V virtualization technology Microsoft introduced time for Windows 8, and allowing that users could create their own virtual machines easily and without need to install any other software.

What might you want to tell?

These findings could mean many things, but taking into account that Windows 10 is under development also they may not mean anything at all to be part of some kind of experiment that is left by the road.

In any case and taking into account that to use Project Astoria developers have to upload their applications through the Windows Developer Center, it is logical that more than one viewing in the inclusion of a drivers and lines of code that are not needed proof that Microsoft is preparing a Windows 10 so that you can emulate Android applications.

Windows Phone fails to take off, and the lack of a solid ecosystem of applications It is one of the heavier ballasts is having to drag, both because of a Google that is still ninguneando it as by other developers who update their apps weeks or months after doing so in the rest of platforms. Therefore, opting to emulation could be one step more than justified. It will happen really or we are seeing things where there?