IOS Applications Have More Vulnerabilities Than Android. Supports a New Security Report

Whenever we hear of malware or security threats in the mobile world, we refer more often to Android. A new report claims that most of the existing application vulnerabilities are instead of iOS and also tend to be more severe. It is always argued that Apple’s iOS platform has a stricter app review process and a lack of malware which lead us to believe it’s the safest overall.

Checkmarx and AppSec Labs claim otherwise. Or rather, their report states that 40 per cent of vulnerability in iOS apps were critical or high severity, compared with 36 percent of the vulnerabilities of Android.

The report did not give exact figures but essentially iOS applications have had more vulnerabilities than Android. One of the most common vulnerabilities was the escape of personal information (27%), while the problems of authentication and authorization is followed with 23%. These are just some of the vulnerabilities found in iOS: among other include deficiencies of encryption, disclosure of technical information as application logs and more.Regardless of which system is more or less vulnerable, we are confident that it will come more statistics, tests and reports that say the opposite again. The important thing though is that safety improvements arrive and that systems and applications can be increasingly confident although we speak of millions of programs and billions of devices.