Interview Rosana JatobÁ

Today’s interview is with journalist Rosana Jatobá.

I met Rosana in the event of nasal spray where I participated with other bloggers of motherhood and I was so happy when she agreed to participate in this tag on the blog. Rosanna beyond beautiful and very friendly, has a super cool site, the Universe Jatobá, which addresses mainly issues related to sustainability. I follow the site and has super interesting materials and lots of info on motherhood, as Rosanna is the mother of twins.

Today she tells a little more about what has changed in your life after the little ones.

Name and age of the twins: Benjamin and Lara, 3 and a half years. (04.01.2011)

What’s your reaction when I heard they’d be twins? And when I knew I would be a couple? During 2 years, I did 2 types of treatments against infertility. I got pregnant 2 times, but could not hold the fetuses. I found out I was with unbalanced hormonal levels. Doctors warned that the chance of multiple pregnancy was great, but I confess that I did not expect such a blessing! As soon as I heard it would be twins, I trembled at the base. Not just by the challenges of a special pregnancy that demanded more care, but by fear of not realize january 2 time. As much as I had the good sense to surround myself with good people and plan each stage of the process, I felt intimidated in front of the gigantic changes. I was a little scared in time to see the little hearts on the ultrasound. And the fear of not knowing educate to be good people? The fear of Pampers you to the extreme? Going on so much by their heads. Until a Supreme voice that calms you down and says: “everything will be all right! If you received this blessing, it’s because of honor it!. From then on, turned all this fear in claw and turned a lioness. Today I note that just have patience, dedication and fe, that all is well. A couple of Gemini is awesome! In France, they usually say that is “le choix du roi”, i.e. “the choice of the King”. Soon I was invaded by a feeling of extreme happiness, gratitude. I was beginning to realize one of the biggest dreams of my life according to prozipcodes.

How was your pregnancy? Very complicated! I had all the intercorrencias, such as dizziness, nausea, headaches, constipation prison and went to the hospital 3 times! The first for surgery of torçao of ovary, then for a cerclage and finally, to avoid a premature birth to 7 months of gestacao. But I overcame everything with strength, patience and obedience to doctors.

Used body moisturizer litres, too much liquid, made nutrition monitoring. I had to stop physical activities, including my beloved Yoga, in the fifth month of gestation. I gained 18 pounds! I left almost 10 in hospital and after 3 months of guard, tried to expel the extra flab. Did 30 minutes of daily walking on the treadmill and weight training 2 times per week. Also avoided the extravagancias of the table during the post delivery. That pot of Brigadier to reap just when was paunchy, to enjoy the taste agucado. Then, just a treat for the weekend. And breastfeeding also helped to lose weight.

How was your experience with breastfeeding? The amamentaçao was one of the most wonderful experiences I’ve had in my life. A feeling of total delivery by both parties. A perfect complicity. Never thought about the possible damage to my body, not in the time spent ‘ hours with my kids. It was a hard routine, in which evil was asleep, he felt severe pain in the beginning, and had to limit many activities to stop producing milk. But thanks for every drop. I breastfed for 9 months and do it for longer, if they wanted to. But they decided to stop, which made me upset even in the first few weeks.

I just think that there should be no exaggeration, because the extended breastfeeding may compromise the independence of the child and feed a symbiosis too harmful to the mother. More important than set the time to the chest, is to be aware that motherhood is a special process, which occurs in only for every woman.

What did you get for them in the hope chest that has never used? I used almost all the mess, except for some objects like bottles imported and their beaks, bags of gel to facilitate amamentaçãoe some ointments. Also used little embroidered blankets. I was crazy for trousseau classico of Mogan, bought a lot, but since it’s saved for my grandkids! kkkkkk

And that was super helpful and recommend? The machine to remove milk: Medela! Wow! As I had to breastfeed every hour and a half, the Medela was my great ally!

What has changed in your professional rhythm after birth of them? I took a 6 month license, but soon went back to work at a fast rate. I had to learn to have more discipline and optimize the time to take care of everything.

And how to reconcile his commitments with the day to day with them? Discipline, organization and focus are essential. As I’m working in various mediums such as the internet, radio, cable tv and literature, each second is precious. I seek to be all in one activity ate terminates it. So, when I’m with my children and my husband, I am totally delivered to them, so intense, that makes all the difference. More than quantity, what matters is the quality of your time.

What did you learn with motherhood I never imagined exist? The changes bring new values, new behaviors, new perspectives. Motherhood has been the great divider of waters of my life. From there a new woman: more concerned with the collective, with human relationships, with the situation on the planet. You want to offer their children a decent place to live, so their actions uphold this perspective of leave a legacy. Motherhood brings a maturity and a new focus on what’s most important. I made more discipline and organization to reconcile the triple journey. I gained more strength to deal with the difficulties. I made more compassion for other children, more generosity. But I was a little more scared. Before, bungee jumping… now I pray before getting on a plane…

A tip that would pass to the pregnant woman:

We have the greatest responsibility in the world. Therefore, dedicate themselves body and soul to that noble mission and leave your mark, you know? Leaving kids better for our planet.