Interactive Plush Toy with Bandai Tablet Peppa Pig

The interactive plush with Tablet Peppa Pig from Bandai has been chosen educational toy of the year. We love Peppa Pig! At home we are very fans of this character of television and his family of little pigs. It has achieved this award in the IX Edition of the awards Todopapas91. It will be one of the gifts for Valentina on her next birthday. Keep reading that we explain more about this fantastic toy for babies and children.

The Todopapas91 awards are the selection of a professional jury, formed by industry experts, and ratified by the consumers. They take into account criteria of quality, safetyand innovation , although parents who have the last word to determine the winners. More than 9,200 fathers and mothers have participated since August 18, voting on their favorite toys and deciding what are the products most trendy aimed at pregnant women and children from 0 to 6 years.

Interactive with Tablet Peppa Pig plush is a product specially designed for the younger members of the household. Is it innovative? Well, yes. It is a classic but at the same time interactive stuffed with the tablet. So in a toy you have three: kids can play with the plush, only the tablet or the tablet and Teddy. And you will see that children learn quickly that Peppa is sensitive to the pressure of the icons on the screen of the tablet.

I certainly recommend this toy for this Christmas, your children will develop the fine motor skills, emotional, stimulate their curiosity and also, because it is bilingual, will learn their first words in English. Is Bandai.