INMETRO Oversees Safety of Toys and Christmas Fixtures

Toys, bikes, children’s Christmas fixtures type hose and flasher are the target of special operation Santa Claus being held until tomorrow at the retail and wholesale across the country by the National Institute of metrology, quality and technology (Inmetro). During the action, tax agents of the institutes of State weights and measures (Inmetro delegates organs) check at the points of sale if the products on the shelves meet regulations established by Inmetro. The initiative aims to verify whether the market is selling only products certified or in accordance with the regulations. Last year, 767,121 products were monitored during the operation, of whom were irregular 15,006.

—Our primary focus is the safety of toys, children’s bikes and the Christmas fixtures. This time of year, when increases the supply of these products on the market, there is a greater tendency to find irregular products and for this reason, every year this operation happens in the same period. Like last year, the irregular products will be seized or banned during the operation and those responsible, on the record—explains Marcelo Monteiro, Chief of the Division of supervision and verification of compliance of Inmetro.

Child Safety Is A Priority

The biggest concern in the case of toys is the safety of the child. In some cases, explains Mathew, the charge can identify time some risks in a dangerous product, especially in the mechanical issues, i.e. sharp, piercing tips parts and compression points. But there are other issues that can only be evaluated in the laboratory as the chemical contamination of raw material:

—There are chemical contaminants that can cause serious illnesses in the long term and that are not detectable without using scientific equipment.

During the supervision shall be inspected if the products are being marketed with the required information, such as data of the manufacturer or importer, CNPJ of the manufacturer, country of origin and indication of age group (case of toys and bicycles). It is worth remembering that even imported products must have all the information to be written in Portuguese. Those products that are not regulated, observe mandatory requirements such as information in Portuguese to voltage; current; maximum power set; the name, trademark or logo of the manufacturer or importer.

As for the Christmas fixtures, they must be safe and manufactured taking into account the requirements laid down in the regulation, both with regard to the information on your manipulation. For this reason, there is a particular attention to their plugs, must be compulsorily certificates and the Brazilian standard are more secure, and cannot be made from ferrous material, avoiding damage to the electrical system and risk of fire.

According to the Director of conformity assessment (Dconf), Alfredo Lobo, you’d have to check if the products meet the mandatory requirements and fundamental that the purchase of these products is made only in the formal market to avoid counterfeit goods or of dubious provenance.

—It is important to check whether the required information on the packaging of products—stresses Wolf.

Massey States that the consumer is the greatest ally of the supervision and identify irregular products on the market, must report to the Ombudsman from Inmetro, on the phone 0800-285-1818 or by e-mail The establishments where irregularities are found to have up to ten days to present a defense to the Institute and will be subject to the penalties provided for in the law, with fines ranging from R $100 R $1.5 million.