In Japan, Nintendo Launched Its Own Application to Make Tethering with Your Mobile

Nintendo It has already confirmed that it wants to take advantage of smartphones and tablets to extend the ecosystem of consoles without having to devote himself to making games for other companies or consoles. They have already confirmed it with your application for Mario Kart 8, and as expected it is not the only thing.

Thanks to an agreement with the Japanese operator Docomo, they have released an application that lets customers of this operator can do tethering to your consoles easily and without having to pay more in rates for access to tethering. This allows to play online with the portable console from Nintendo in any place, and can even download games from the virtual store.

At the moment the application It will only be available in Japan, being difficult that the application reaches out need partnerships with operators, although it would not be impossible. At the moment the application is limited to a few terminals that Docomo has in its catnalogo and gradually is will incorporate more phones.

In addition the program allows us to users participating in surveys of market of the company for their use, giving as a gift the virtual console games for those who complete surveys