In Dramatic Tone, the Old Reader Service Announces Closing for Most Users

Beside the Feedly, the The Old Reader was one of the feed readers that most welcomed the orphans Reader. But this is the kind of good news that turns into nightmare. It is that, unable to cope with the growing demand, the website owners decided to radicalize: soon, the latest users can no longer use the service.

The Old Reader is the typical design that comes without great pretensions. Your goal basically was to offer an alternative to users who were not very happy with Google Reader. Everything was calm and quiet, but one day Google decided to do away with your feed reader, causing the old reader became, suddenly, in one of the possible heroes of history.

In a single day, the service had registered 60,000 new users. The estimate is that its base has now more than 420,000 accounts. Without a sustainable business model, the situation spun out of control: Currently, there is no infrastructure in the old reader able to support as much traffic.

With their servers throwing in the towel, Bulygina Elena and Dmitry Krasnoukhov (two of the creators of The Old Reader) published a post in outburst tone to give a good and bad news: the good news is that the old reader will continue to exist; the bad is that it can only continue to users who registered before March 13, 2013, when it was decreed the death of Google Reader.

You can also continue using the old reader users who are known to someone from the staff that maintains and people who made ​​donations to the service (who made ​​via Bitcoin need to contact them to be properly identified).

Other users (most) will be notified by email and will have two weeks to export your data to another service. Among them are the Feedly, AOL Reader and Digg Reader (you can check out a list of options here in our site). Registration for new users, of course, was also closed.

For anyone who has been rejected, the decision may seem a worthy injustice protest at Avenida Paulista, but just feel the drama in this one post excerpt: “We would really like things to return to the level ‘normal’. Not be afraid to take a vacation. We do other things besides the old reader. Stop neglecting ourselves. In less stay away from family and loved ones. ”

Tense, right? There is, however, a light at the end of the tunnel: although discard create paid arrangements, Bulygina and Krasnoukhov said in the statement that are open to negotiations if someone wants to purchase the old reader and improve it. Various proposals have already been sent, according to a published hours after update. The crowd – at this point, consists of thousands of users with the Puss in Boots face Shrek – must be great.