Important Tips On What To Pack In The Trunk Of Motherhood

Being pregnant is a gift to every pregnant woman and nothing can disrupt the arrival of the baby. Go to the maternity leave moms what really is necessary to carry on suitcase of maternity.

There are so many concerns that often, mothers leave aside what they needed at some point.

The arrival of a baby is totally amazing, so he needs all your belongings are your disposal from the moment that you need to check out our article!

What you really need to get in the trunk of motherhood?

As already mentioned above, the arrival of a baby is completely amazing and charming to all family, so little need of care including maternity when just born.

With that in mind, we developed this article to give tips than it is to take in the suitcase of maternity benefits for baby and mom.

For the baby are required: 6 bodies or camisetinhas pagan type, preferably size RN or P, 6 pants with foot RN or P, 6 P, RN or overalls 6 wipes mouth 2 or 3 layers of cotton, 6 pairs of socks, 1 little cap, 1 pair of gloves, 2 or 3 jackets, wool, 1 maternity outlet and 3 towels.

To hygiene, the ideal is to get a bottle of liquid soap, neutral ointment for diaper rash and diaper RN, if the package comes with 8 diapers take 2 packages.

In addition to all of the baby’s needs, we have to remember that the mother will be on maternity leave along with the small, so it is essential to know what to take for moms too.

For mom: 3 open Pajamas in front or sweaters, 5 wide, panties and socks, slipper 2 breastfeeding BRA, clothing out of motherhood, 1 pair of clothes to stay in the hospital, if you do not want to stay in my pajamas, shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, hair brush, toothbrush, toothpaste, absorbent and absorbent breast.

In addition, take a pencil case with makeup that contains a lipstick of your choice, an eye pencil, a base and a mascara, so you can pass out of maternity stylish and cheerful-looking.

You can also get camera to photograph, room decoration, souvenirs for visitors, cell, necessary documents and your antenatal card.

All of these items that we cite above for both the baby and the mother are basic and essential. Regardless of weather you’re the baby needs to be warm because of the great difference between Mommy’s tummy to the world outside.

Then, choose to put bodies with long cuffs and pants warm to that small doesn’t feel cold and can go straight to the House.

Mom should also avoid to get cold, as it is a moment of weakness and recovery, so dress warmly and always be protected to take good care of your son.

Following our tips, you certainly won’t forget anything and have the suitcase of maternity the your baby completely full of essential items for the first days of life of the small.

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Enjoy and download here our spreadsheet with all the products you need to assemble your baby layette.