If Nomos and Swatch Mate Would Pop the Withings Activité…

Actually, we might have expected these watches from swatch. But it is the French electronics company Withings that has come up with the idea to combine a mechanical clock in the purist (Bauhaus) design with a Fitness Tracker and an app. And that is apparently well received.

While the Withings activité published last year (Swiss made) for less than 400 euros was still not very much Swatch Appeal and some appeared too expensive (especially in comparison to the approaching Apple Watch), it looks quite different with the new “pop” version. It is also pure, has said fitness / activity tracker and comes in different colors and bands for €150 in the trade. And exclusive to the Saturn electronics dealers.

More precisely: “Activité is pop from 5th January 2015 on Withings.com and from 6 January 2015 to Our site preorder.”

Three weeks later (26 January 2015) the Withings activité pop is then exclusively in the trade at Saturn for a suggested retail price of € 149,95 .

At the beginning of activité will be pop only for iOS available user, a version compatible with an Android will follow.” (Source: press release)

The clock but not “Swiss made” is obvious. Because while this designation on the first and more expensive model significantly with the “6” can be seen, it is missing the “pop”-version. Accordingly, the question whether may is a quartz movement that comes not from Switzerland is here… (Placed on request-info will be submitted if necessary).

More details about the clock and how it works – from the press release:

“The Activité pop has two dials-one that displays the time and another that informs the bearers of progress percentage of the personal, laid down in the app activity target.” In the course of the day, the user with a glance at the clock know how close he came this goal already. The desired step number is reached, the Activité vibrates pop.

The watch also detects swimming and running movements. During the night, she monitored the quality of sleep and awakens the carrier in the morning with soft vibrations. As with all Withings devices activité pop automatically synchronized with the free Withings health mate application. Health mate acts best as a from Apple’s apps 2014 as trainers, which motivates the user to achieve his personal goals. In addition, the app creates an interactive ranking, user-specific data, smart memories and badges, so called badges.

Health mate is compatible with more than 100 partners and their services, what a 360° health experience (GPS running, logging of meals…) creates. Besides design and tracking, the Activité pop offers a number of other practical functions. As the clock turns to automatically if the carrier an other time zones affected ride oder a change between summer and winter time is. Permanent charge unless a der Activité pop, because all functions are powered by a watch battery, which holds up to 8 months.Also the watch to a depth of 30 meters is waterproof.”

My conclusion: An interesting watch with an interesting concept – and the price is a pretty good argument…