Huawei Shotx Test: Selfies with Sorgenvollem Views

Test conclusion: what you should know

The shotx equipped with solid middle-class technology is breaking new ground: the swivel camera proves to be as courageous, but useful step in the innovation competition with the competition. Just Selfies by the 13 megapixel are sharp as rarely before. However, the shaky camera mechanics and unpleasantly sharp-edged plastic pages tarnish the positive impression. Who attaches more importance to a more noble appearance and better hardware, should be happy with the honor of 7 for the same price. Best price on the Internet: 219.00 euro * per order this product at Amazon innovative camera with Swivel mechanism compelling full HD screen dual SIM slot, microsd slot accurate fingerprint sensor against sharp edges, uncomfortable handling camera construction wobbles when unfolding photos under diffuse light conditions noise no replaceable battery satisfactory assessment of editorial users rating now evaluate the year 2015 slowly but surely turn on the home straight. After the IFA-2015 showdown and Apple’s iphone care rest on the Smartphone market comes gradually. If Huawei would not mind. Three top models are already in the Vita of the Chinese in this calendar year. Recently, the nexus 6 p expanded the product range. Huawei offers a cheaper alternative in the middle class with the shotx.

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Huawei is breaking new ground: A Swivel camera is the shot x focus, to make beautiful Selfies. Our site has tried it. Huawei shot X: first impressions to the Selfie phone

Pivoting camera with sharp photos

The peculiarity of the shotx: the 350-Euro cell phone offers a 180-degree pivoting 13 megapixel camera. As usual, in the starting position, it serves as a rear camera. Who scans to yourself, work the module for Selfies and video chats just upwards. Then the camera app opens automatically in a few moments. Visually, the shotx first rather reminds the periscope of a submarine, which might explain incredulous looks at your next party. The results of the snapshots, which take place on the 16 gigabytes of memory (expandable with microsd yet) are all the more watchable.

Huawei shotx at

in broad daylight manage photos with satisfactory sharpness, just Selfies look slightly better than the competitors. However, thereby waive the wide-angle lens that is familiar from other models, need closer together at the next group photo. A Downer, which compensates for the dual-LED flash. In the darkness, the two leds light the closer environment out well, they not fix the noticeable noise however.

Huawei shotx: Selfie Smartphone in focus

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Wobbly folding mechanism in the game

Raise the swivel mechanism by hand. With your finger nail, access protruding camera behind the more than 2 millimeters (!) And simply pull the module. A promising feature that allows photos from unusual perspectives. If there were not the shaky construction! Already during the first drop test the backlash when fixing is noticeable every photo is the rickety affair. It is highly questionable whether the mechanism is over the mobile life over the years.

The inner values of the shotx

The specifications of the Huawei shotx can be seen: resolves the 5.2-inch screen with 1920 x 1080 pixels. Thanks to IPS technology, he is angle-stable, legible and sufficiently bright in the mobile application. Qualcomm’s Snapdragon-616-processor working inside. Demanding tasks incorporate four cores per 1.5 gigahertz (ghz). It is quiet on your Smartphone, the 64-bit capable eight-core chip with the additional clock speed of 4 x 1, 2 ghz returns a response. That is noticeable in the benchmark using Geekbench 3: 691 points (Samsung’s Galaxy S4 comes to 740 units) when the individual cores and 3,048 multicore points (the honor of 6 reached a value of 3028) are an average value. In everyday life you to navigate without visible delays caused by the company’s own EMUI interface (based on Android 5.1.1.). Also the 2 gigabyte (GB) is ensured by large amounts of memory.

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Enduring battery on board

WLAN n, Bluetooth 4.1 and LTE are additional features of the shotx for all relevant frequencies. An NFC interface lacks contrast. With the hybrid card slot you decide whether two SIM cards will work or it may be a composite of SIM card and microsd for more memory. The battery full 3,100 milliampere hours (mah) proved enduring in the test, succeeded also in persistent use by the day.

An inconvenient truth

A properly functioning in the test fingerprint sensor, which is attached to the side of the little high-quality plastic housing is also on board. A convenient solution. Is anything but comfortable, however, the fit of the shot X: the sharp-edged side panels are barely rounded, Huawei’s latest Smartphone is surprisingly unwieldy. Better with, planning to buy a better cover. The smooth plastic backing which provides particularly sweaty hands barely hold disappears.

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Price and availability

The shotx is available in three colours: blue, gold, and white. For all models Huawei calls respectively 349 euros. A price that given of the technically stronger, and at the same time cheaper competition provides hardly any cheering storms. Not especially looking to the far East. There, Huawei sells the shotx under the subsidiary brand honor and the considerably cheaper. In the Chinese vmall store the honor 7i euros equivalent to about 280. For 70 euro saving buyers from China have a larger memory (3 instead of 2 GB) and more storage space (32 instead of 16 GB).