Huawei P9 Max Spotted in the First Benchmark, Also with Kirin 950

After witnessing the formal submission of Kirin 950, which occurred only a few days ago, here come new news regarding the adoption of SoC top range of home Huawei, whose presence has been confirmed on the next Mate 8.

Directly through the AnTuTu benchmark platform tables, here comes an indication about the name of the second device, of course always Huawei, which will use Kirin 950, which is the new Huawei P9 Max. The Terminal has specifications that are placed directly within the category of phablet top of the range, thanks to an immense display from 6.2 ” WQXGA 2560 by 1600resolution, 4 GB of RAM, 64 gigs of internal storage, Android 6.0 Marshmallows and, of course, GPU Mali-T880.

For the time being are not yet known the specifics that relate to the photographic sector, since, that sighted, is a unit absolutely not definitive. The passage at AnTuTu also allowed to collect the first data on the scores obtained from various sectors, which are shown in the second image and compared with those of Meizu Pro 5 with Exynos 7420. The latter has a FullHD screen resolution that allows him to get a distinct advantage as regards the relative score to the GPU, 23393 points against the P9 16822 Max, while the Fund’s CPU scores are comparable, 76244 for Pro 5 and 73759 for P9 Max, although note that, since this is a unit still under development These are not the final results.

Recital 8 and P9 Mate Max it is highly likely that even the normal screen around 5.2 inch P9 can mount in 2016 the Kirin 950.