Huawei Beats LG and Already Is The Third Manufacturer of Smartphones a Worldwide

Well already entered the last quarter of 2013, now still we go knowing dropper results from leading manufacturers for the third quarter.

If the week last Samsung confirmed its insulting domain while LG was pleased to see your good health, today is the company Strategy Analytics which surprises us by attaching data of each other to confirm that, for the first time in its history, Huawei becomes the third manufacturer of smartphones at the global level.

The Chinese manufacturer already pointed out ways in the previous exercises, but it has not been until this third quarter of 2013 when it has finally surpassed LG, with 12.7 million units sold by the 12 million smartphones sold by Koreans.

As we see in the tables, Samsung keeps at Bay the entire market with 88.4 million smartphones sold, while Apple continues in a comfortable second place with 33.8 million iPhones sold.

It is curious to see as in a rising market that grew by 45% in one year, all rise compared to the same period of 2012, though Samsung’s still without adjectives, with 55% of growth in spite of all the criticism.

Huawei and Lenovo confirmed meanwhile that the domain in China brand to be the top worldwide, Although the first have been also successful with its strategy in international markets, forgetting competitive high-end and focusing on launch devices offset and with great acceptance as the Huawei Ascend P6.

The Chinese still have them complete the expansion worldwide, and when that surely can even beat Apple, but now Lenovo intentions out of China and India, are not you while Huawei has to take off definitively in Europe and the United States. Let us not forget ZTE, which is also there for the time being under Lenovo.